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I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia, I also love playing with mixed media art,...

Internet /Redbubble addiction and work in progress.

My ISP cut off my internet connection for a couple of days and I swear they may as well have cut off my arm. I felt a physical and emotional sensation of loss.

I longed to check my email. Play on facebook, but redbubble was the biggest loss of all.

How to cope with not being able to see what new art was uploaded to my favourite groups. To see what fascinating discussions were going on in forums and journal. How could live without checking for comments, favourites, without browsing the latest uploads.

Arghhh. . . .

so what did I do – I created a mixed media collage – Slapping on some newspaper clippings a layer of acrylic. Used oil pastels to draw some figures, then pasted them onto the canvas followed by more acrylic and some splatters of ink. . . . so I had a ball!!!

Still consider it a WIP so I won’t upload yet, think it needs a raven in the top right.

So once I find some time after work this week and that is done – and I have figured out how to scan it in pieces as it is too big for one go.

Then I will load it up – probably next weekend.

But thank goodness they have sorted out my internet connection – I just don’t feel right with out it.

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