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Grrrrr . . . Gimp and PNG

After many hours of frustration, Lady Sorrow has returned.

After giving her a transparent background with the Gimp software she just kept hanging when I tried to upload. Tried changing the options given when you save to a PNG file in Gimp. And the upload just hanged. . . . tried changing them again, and again . . . same result every time.

Googled PNG and the GIMP, searched the redbubble forums, searched many sites. Still no joy. Tried downloading the redbubble t-shirt template, pasting in lady sorrow . . . and still no result. Checked the pixel size in the GIMP , seemed correct.

And then finally, tried the same thing in a trial version of Corel Photopaint 12 – had a look at the pixel size of the image and there was the culprit The gimp created PNG file’s pixel size was not exactly 2400 × 3200. Close, but not exact.

So I created a new file with Corel to exact dimensions, pasted Lady Sorrow in – and presto she uploaded quicker than you could click your heels 3 times.

So now, why is the GIMP resizing documents. And what am I going to do when my free trial of Corel Photo Paint runs out in 9 days !!!?

Hmmm perhaps I need to spring for a copy of Corel Photopaint . . .

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