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VCE top arts - NGV Gallery

Popped in to Federation Square in Melbourne today to visit the emerging writers festival zine fair. Bought a few zines while there and got given a few freebies too.

It amazes me that people create a labour of love and produce booklets of their short stories/poems/art print them and then give them away free!!

While in at Fed. Square I decided to go and have a wander about the VCE Top Arts exhibition which has free admission.

The talent of secondary school art students amazes me. I don’t think I could have produced such great work when i was in highschool. Although I didn’t take art back then. Great work from all!

I also couldn’t imagine my parents allowing me to create life size sculptures of people in my garage like those created by “Esther Stewart” . I actually think that that was my favourite work . . . such talent!

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