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I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia, I also love playing with mixed media art,...

My New SLR Camera

I bought myself a new camera last week. It is an entry level digital SLR Pentax K100D.

Got a (what I think) is a great price. And I am having a ball with it so far.

I was really unsure that I would be able to take good pictures as I have never touched a SLR before but the automatic settings make it almost point and shoot to start off with. I plan on learning how to use the manual settings but I am so amazed at the quality of the images. I love it!

Next weekend I will venture into Melbourne ( weather permitting) and will try my hand at outdoor shots.

I had always been disappointed with the quality of pictures I took in Melbourne with a cheap $100 digital camera and film camera that were all I could afford previously. I want to retake some shots that I took which came out grainy due to the poor flash and low megapixels. Can’t wait!

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