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I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia, I also love playing with mixed media art,...

Unexpected Beauty- Rainbow clouds and river's of gold.

Sometimes you see something unexpected that takes your breath away.

Two incidents recently have reminded me that even on an ordinary day this world can be surprising and that I haven’t seen everything yet.

Driving home from Melburne yesterday just as the sun was beginning to set , I was surprised to see a shimmering halo of rainbow colours behind a particular patch of storm cloud.

I have never seen an effect like this before in the sky and am certainly intrigued. Perhaps there was rain in the area where the sunlight was sinking behind this cloud. I guess I may never have an opportunity to see this again though I will keep looking. And of course I didn’t have my camera with me.

Another moment of unexpected beauty happened as I walked alongside the Yarra on weekend day trip into Melbourne and was amazed to see the water turn into a shimmering, dancing river of gold.

At first I thought someone had cast handfuls of tinsel or metallic confetti into the water. Then I realised that I happened to be standing at just the right point to witness the river reflecting the golden colours of the Eureka Tower.Again, I didn’t have my camera with me, but I hope to see this again one day even if I have to camp by the Yarra all day until the sunlight hits the water at that perfect angle once more.

Everytime I think of these moments of unexpected beauty I feel a sense of wonder, that at 32 years of age this world still has secrets to reveal to me.

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