I live in Gentry, Arkansas: a typical small town in middle-America. But I’m proud to be a part of something not-so-typical. For over 20 years, the old abandoned mortuary there has been a studio dedicated to music, film, and many other forms of artistry.

(My profile photo is actually of my son Elliott.)

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My Photography:

Abandoned places fascinate me. And I’m certainly not alone. Other explorers of ‘modern ruins’ have their reasons: The fragility of man’s work, or the power of nature to reclaim… My motives are simpler: When we were kids, these places made the best hideouts and clubhouses; I’ve just never stopped looking for the perfect one.

It seems like I’m always taking off the lens cap just as the wrecking ball takes its first swing. I’m surrounded by that kind of subject matter since I live in rural Northwest Arkansas – a term that’s fast becoming an oxymoron. A tin plated strip mall will spring out of the soil overnight like a surprise lily, while the Reconstruction Era farmhouse next door crumbles.

My Paintings:

On the other hand, when I pick up a paint brush, the outcome is usually less dark.


  • Age: 44
  • Joined: January 2009