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MY LATEST BOOKS – available directly from the publisher:

Mirages – Nude Desert

Erotic Dreams

Dejan Dizdar, born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. MSc Electrical Engineering from the Belgrade University.
From 1974 actively participating in more than 400 group photographic exhibitions worldwide, winning numerous prizes and awards and holds 18 one-man shows in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Israel, South Africa and Russia.
Images published in magazines in Yugoslavia, Greece, UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong, Israel as well as in a number of photographic books (UK, Belgium).
Prints adorn private collections on all continents save Antarctica.
Published books of photographs:
“Creatura Avgusta Dei” (2001)
“Mirages – Nude Desert” (2010)
“Erotic Dreams” (2011)
“Mermaids” (2012)
“Spiral” (2012)
“Discovering Gaia” (2012)
“Desert Sculptures” (2013)

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