I have a passion for wildlife, and with my page I hope to show off images of a variety of Flora and Fauna from around the world that take my fancy and some of the surroundings and places I have travelled to in order to find these subjects.

All photos taken in the wild.

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February Sale 2015

My “Prepare yourself……It looks like it could be a Puff landing!” image of a puffin is quickly becoming my most popular image. / Thank you so much to the person who purchased a greeting card and a postcard of this image :) / It’s much appreciated!
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Throw Pillow Sale

Thank you to the person who purchased a throw pillow of one of my puffin images! / I really appreciate it and If it was for a Christmas gift I hope they like it :)
Posted 3 months – 4 comments

November Card Sales

A great way to round out November with the news of two card purchases! / Thank you so much to whoever purchased them :)
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Card Sales in October

Thank you so much to everyone that purchased cards in the month of October. / It was great to see so many bought, but not just that, it was the fact they were across a variety of subjects. / It makes me so happy and I hope you are all pleased with your purchases :)
Posted 4 months – 1 comments