Latest News about the Climate Crisis Treaty...

Dear Curtis,…

In less than forty-eight hours, I will step onstage at the UN Climate Conference in Bali. With me I will bring hundreds of thousands of messages demanding that a visionary global treaty be completed and brought into effect by 2010.

If we want to solve the climate crisis, together we need to demonstrate the broad public support for action. That’s why it’s vital that you sign our petition right now by visiting:

Over the past few months we’ve taken many positive steps towards uniting governments worldwide around the goal of solving the climate crisis. Just over a week ago on December 3rd, Australia’s new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was sworn in. His first formal act in office was to ratify the Kyoto Treaty. This was a clear demonstration of Au

The Earth has a Fever: An Important Message About Our Future...

This message is so timely, so important, that I wanted to share it with all my RB friends and acquaintances. Yes, today our world is sick; sick in many ways, and now our world has a fever.…

If I tried for the rest of my life I don’t think I could express my concerns about our global situation any better than Al Gore has done here. We need to personally, collectively, and actively begin to do our very best to discern what the Truth is concerning our relationship to each other, to our earth, and to our God.

Gore’s speech is rather long, but in my humble opinion almost each and every sentence has important meaning and the ring of truth, and should be a wake-up call for all of us.

All good people want to help and do whatever they can to make our world a better place, but the inevitable questio

War is Over - All About Creativity, Truth, The Paradigm Shift, and 2012 - Merry Christmas?

Some people believe that multi-universes and multiple-dimensions that contain life are infinitely large and also infinitely small, and that our nuclear devices have the potential to disrupt or actually destroy entire infinitely small or dimensionally close domains that are teaming with life.…

Perhaps this potential threat that we pose to ourselves and to others is one of the reasons we are soon to be warned to alter our course; to transcend our destructive tendencies, become more enlightened, and develop in a more harmonious and compatible way.

People are beginning to awaken spiritually and realize that everything is connected, that God and the creative force is within us and we are within it. That we need a new, more truthful, paradigm that allows us to be more loving, forgiving, peaceful

The Meaning of Oneness

Thanks for all your comments.

My avatar fractal has special significance for myself and for humanity.

There is stark symbolism here of the harsh and ragged reality of individual life throwing off the energy of fear, frustration, and hostility, to eventually merge with the purity and light of Oneness.

It represents the human development, the human evolution, towards the realization that All is One… That God is a part of us and we are a part of God.

And just like each organ, and each cell that makes up each organ of our human bodies, each part of this divine whole has and deserves a certain “equality of value”; love, appreciation, and dignity. If we hurt or hate a part of the whole that we are a part of, we are hurting and hating ourselves.

Fractal Domains - Shareware for Fractal Creation on the Apple Macintosh

The shareware Fractal Domains program notably now runs natively on PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.…

Mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot coined the term “fractal” in 1975, deriving it from the Latin “fractus,” for broken or fractured. Fractal mathematics have found their expression in a wide variety of software applications for all computing platforms, including the Mac-based Fractal Domains. This utility lets users generate images of the Mandelbrot set, as well as the associated Julia set. Fractal types based on rational functions, such as those based on Newton’s method and Halley’s method, can also be generated. Features include full support for 24-bit color images, image rendering with anti-aliasing, tiling of very large images and export to PICT, PNG, TIFF or JPEG format.

As well as being a U

Let's Do a Beautiful RedBubble Book! - Are You Interested?

To all my friends and fellow artists,
I’m finding out more and more every day what a great community of creative and friendly people are involved with RedBubble.…

Do you think it would be possible to set things up in RedBubble to allow people from certain categories to collaborate on a book that could then be printed? (I.E.: Members load their best photos into a book section of the Web site to be self-published on-demand, and sold on the Web site for RedBubble’s and the included artists’ benefit?)

I believe that other sites like and already have this capability.

I would be interested in participating in something like this, even if there was an up-front fee to help RedBubble make it happen.
Perhaps there might be a way to work with a on-demand publisher/printer

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