I’ve finally saved enough money for a new lens, but I can’t decide!
I’ve been thinking about the 17-40mm f4L usm and the 17-55mm f2.8 usm.
First off the 17-40 is an L lens, every poor photographers dream, but it is an f4 lens, which means that it wouldn’t be best suited for things like concerts and low light photography without long exposures. But the build quality is impeccable and it’s weather sealed!
Also, when I go full frame, this lens isn’t useless anymore! (plus there’s the confidence boost of having an L lens attached to your camera)

But the 17-55 has that extra stop, which is constant. This would really help with portrait works and concert photography, but it’s not an L lens! Which means a plastic body and no weather sealing and sexy …

So, my 17-85mm broke

WAHH :( but today I picked up a 24-85mm f3.5-4.0 usm for £100!
And I’ve not been recently uploading because I’ve had a lot to do with exams and stuff, but I’ve just ordered two youngnuo flashguns and some pocket wizards so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more interesting pictures soon!
Finally, thanks to everybody who’s commented on my work since I’ve been a member, I really appreciate it!



sorry I haven’t been uploading any work in a while, I’ve been really busy with exams etc.
I got some good equipment over christmas though, so hopefully my work might be that little bit better.