Lori Durocher

Lori Durocher

Fountain, Co, United States

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I am a proud owner of my own business for the Pet
Industry. I love taken pictures of nature, Capturing God’s wonderful miracles in action. Taylor is my famous cat, he is
the winner on Cat Fancy magazine cover. Congrats to my boy. I just got the Picture Peaceful Feeling
published this January in the book called Endless Journeys.
Dreams do come true you just have to keep the faith.

Please feel free to stop by my website and check it out.
Thank you.

My HealthyPetNet Site!

I would like to thank my husband and all his Military friends
for protecting my husband on his missions in Korea, Bosnia, Iraq, for his safe return may God bless you and keep you safe always. My husband is now 20 years retired
Army, and we are enjoying the good life together now, instead of apart. Thank you all. Good job Baby:).

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  • Age: 51
  • Joined: February 2008


Collecting cat photos and dogs

Hi everyone hope all is well with you guys, / Just wanted to let everyone know that I am / looking for alot of cat and dog photos to display / for my business. SO please when you get some / taken let me know so I can add to my favorites to / keep them there till I am ready to buy. / Thank you all for your help. I will always spread the news to / my customers to look for you guys on red bubble t…
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