San Rafael, Argentina

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As an artist, I’m known as Catru, but my name is Carina Povarchik,
I live in Argentina, in Mendoza the town of the wine.

I’m studying Visual Arts, being graduated first from a computer science degree.
I heard often people saying “wow, you made such a shift from computers to arts”
and I’ve came to realize is not that big after all…
At least not for me. You see, what I loved to do with computers was programming. The process of thinking ideas and manifesting them thru the computer.
The process of creating.
That’s what I love in any area, to create. So computers and arts have a core that captivates my heart and my mind.
Creating is a process that makes me feel in harmony, it’s the moment I feel God’s within to say it somehow. I can feel the joy of life. It’s my own zen :)…

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