oops i did it again

with a stutter, a tremble / a fight not to surrender

next time I see you

i will dare to linger longer

no more

the one named black


just human

for you

Because of you / I am running out of reasons / to hide / Because of you / I want to know that all of me / has tried / to get you / to bet o…

this day

today was a glorious sigh


these are the strings

welcome to my show

quite a production, don’t you think?

where do I

might it hide

written in the stars

even as this to and fro game


with you there is no control


singing a lullaby of absolute peace

what I do best

I will hold onto my happy pretend

I find myself

i find myself moved


drunk I staggered


why do you have me

I will find a way

when all direction is lost


and I could try to catch the moments of a hopeful day

night and day

a contradiction in the same sky

who am I?

chimes of laughter, bells of smiles

missing you

always brings me back to the magic we made


can time skip a beat?

tongue tied

and I should ask for atonement

a sorry

i might have faltered

a dilemma

will there always be this battle?

your way of am

why is suprise your act?

offer me

touch me with

box of glitter

when my mind swallows me whole


happiness has a violent bite


this stellar fortress of lies

more than just a move

something unexpected happened

tonight I shall

unfold the hiding in me

the last leaf

one by one they all fall

an impossibility?

when you are not real


the black pot that is me today

we could be

take my hand and run with my heart

some like it…..

some like it rough

the worst kind of wait

the phone call still echoes


perhaps it is time

broken rules

Is there a switch to touch


do you want to come?


falter with stuttering ease


until we lose the road

your hand

we dance in distances too great


can I throw stones at you?


would you let the juices

when I lay myself down

but until then…..


burnt you to the ground
i am by cathrinedp Untitled by cathrinedp


my partner in crime and love

Three’s a crowd

untainted my resolve now stands


I see

unwanted silences

when it feels like a never ending throng


All the lights are on, but I am still in the dark


i’ve been in a space that is too small


the drums in my heart


weak perhaps, it does seem

questions and choices

I choose…

tongue held

with a sword of icy will

this love

i am away from the me that caught shooting stars


run away into a secret with me

state of mind

A black spell on my heart I put today
A walk in you by cathrinedp

will you ever see?

In my little hurt, I salute you


en hoe ek eindeloos in die stof grou (english version served on the side!)

ok with me

knowing that I gave it all, breaks this momentous fall

Have you ever…

and you know what it feels like…

the play

a starring one or no lines to say?
a wish for you by cathrinedp

Will not forget

what would be the use in that?


my tide is low, movement lost

your game plan

a page torn out

giving freely

the trouble I make

Kitch verlief

gevoodoo, gemagic

and I don’t mind at all

your contradiction of being

dream of things that never were

deposit my thought on the brightest of stars

If these walls…

they would tell you of the silence


Today I lost my heart

In chains

and so the fall begins
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