I write words, thoughts, things that are in my mind that needs to get out. No more to say really. Thank you for viewing my attempts. Comments are always appreciated.

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absence and features

These last few weeks have flown by and I find myself missing the bubble and all the wonderful friends I have made here. / Since moving countries I have had days that has flown by with glorious moments. For those I am so thankful. Over the next few days I am going to catch up on all the wonderful new work you have uploaded. I can’t wait!! I know that smiles and warm feelings and astonishment…
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Very thankful for these features this past week.

I am so happy, surprised and delighted to have had 6 features these last 6 days. / Thank you so much to Poetry and beautiful Women for featuring ‘distance between us’ and ‘the play’. I am appreciate it so much. / Thank you to WMG for the feature of ‘I will find a way’. I am very grateful for your support! I will pass this on to Jacky. / T’hank you to Nirv…
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Featured writer of the week!!! YAY

Thank you so much to the group ‘all out emotion’ for choosing me to be the featured artist/ writer? of the week. WOW WOW WOW. I am super happy and very thankful. Thank you Dana xx
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A double YAY for a double feature!

Thank you to collaboral damage for featuring ‘mask’ and ‘i will find a way’. I will let dmcart and jacky know about it, since they should really take alot of the credit. There work is sublime and so inspiring. / I appreciate your support and the chance to be featured in such a special group!
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