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I'm donating a photograph ...

…. to the Women and Children’s Hospital Foundation for their Charity Auction the night of the Night of Lights Christmas Ball.

Because it was a spur of the moment thing, and I won’t have time to get it printed through here, I’ll just be giving them one printed and matted locally and not through RB.

I’ve decided to give them Rusticana … hopefully very typically South Australia!!

If any of you Adelaide folk are feeling generous and would like to do the same, you can contact the Foundation through their website here or get hold of them on Twitter – @WCH_Foundation.

Tee Designers who Tweet!

So, as you who tweet will no doubt be aware, it’s National Novel Writer’s Month.


Now that is a great idea – and a wonderful way to publicise and applaud the work that writers do.

Why can’t tshirt designers have one too??

Here’s my plan – design a tshirt – upload it, tweet about it with the hashtag of

#TwiTeDeDa …
(Twitter Tee Designer’s Day)

and let’s see if we can get it trending.

Best case – we start a new twitter meme. Worst case? We’ve all designed a new shirt – and when is that ever a bad thing??



Well that’s what the tags say anyway!

My latest blog post on This is Not …. Redbubble tshirts tagged with “weird”.

Tshirts by Caanan, EvanJ, Tiffatron and more!

You’ll find it here


This is Not ....

Well, actually, yes it is!!

Having hit something of a creative wall of late, I decided to launch another blog,

It’s called This is Not … and it was inspired by the mammoth tee bloggers such Coty Gonzales, and Andy Bowness of Hide Your Arms, TeeRater and the like.

The big difference – it will exclusively feature Redbubble tees!!

The blog was launched at stupid o’clock this morning (bah, who needs sleep anyway) and I must thank animo again for all her help with the now discarded first theme!

The first post is Artist/Coty Gonzales inspired and you’ll find it here ….

Please have a look, and digg, tweet, stumble or whatever!!


Some Days ...

Is featured on today!!

The TeeCraze screendump above will take you to the site …..

How cool does it look? I"m rapt!

And here is a little mockup tee I made to show it off on my Bubblesite.

Clicking this image will take you through to my bubblesite to purchase!!

Evolution @ The Music Machine Challenge

Well, geese and ganders and all of that stuff ……..

For anyone who could possibly have missed the fact, the Music Machine challenge is now accepting votes!

You’ll find my entry Evolution right here

There are a spitpile of GREAT entries this comp ….. enjoy!

It's my 2nd Bubbleday!

Well it was on Sunday anyway!!

Can’t believe another whole year has slid by ….

I’m not great at remembering events, but a few have obviously stood out ….

The Demo Sound Comp was massive … and I still have to pinch myself to think that I had tshirts for sale in Carnaby Street, having Anne van Alkemade come to stay, and spend time with Anne, Georgiegirl, Jim Filmer et al…

On the subject of Anne – being covergirl for her fabulous book Haunting Emma and getting a dedicated copy of same …

Getting to sniff round the periphery of that gargantuan thing that is Game of Kings – and contribute in just a tiny way.

To all my friends here, old and new, thanks again for the inspiration, validation and fun.

Here’s to the next one!!

Tshirt Rework

Hi all,

To celebrate the fact that I made it onto a HideYourArms blog list I did a major rework of one of my Star Wars tshirts.

‘Cause it’s an edit it doesn’t show up in the “recent” tees – so here it is!!

Click on the pretty picture to check out the shirt!!

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth Be With You!

It only rolls round once a year folks ….

And in honour of the day I have blogged here

Tees from RubyRed, Reece Ward, Zomboys, Quigonjim, James Lillis and of course … me!!

A Different Leg Action ......

This is an interview I did a little while ago with Tee HQ member samedog.


To kick off this exercise, I picked someone whose work has always tickled my fancy, samedog!

What inspires you?

It’s a very mixed bag for me. At the most basic level I find inspiration around the house and on my walks around Hobart.

A childhood spent on my back on the buffalo grass gazing at clouds taught me to see shapes and pictures in all sorts of things – in shadows, in the lace of curtains, in the lino in
the toilet. Throughout my life it has been distraction and pleasure in equal measure.

Then there are the people that come into your life. Some of them have only been there for a moment, some came and stayed, lots of them taught me things even though at times I have been slow to learn. One in particular (

Haunting Emma

Danny has just done a book review of Anne’s FABULOUS story.

I haven’t finished my copy – although I nearly forgot to get off the train after work Wednesday night – ’cause I had my nose buried in it!!

I will say though that Anne has an amazing talent for drawing pictures with her words, the settings and indeed the “people” themselves all but leap from the page!

Read all about it here and then go buy your very own copy here

The next "big" thing!

Well I’d like to think so anyway ……

Over the last 12 months or so, I have been listening to a work mate excitedly chart the progress of his track racing son, James – through local competitions, then State titles, the Youth Olympics and finally National and Oceania Titles!

After achieving this lot:

1st U19 Time Trial Oceania Championships AUS
1st U19 Time Trial Australian Championships SA
1st Time Trial Aust Youth Olympic Festival AUS
1st U19 Team Sprint Oceania Championships AUS
1st Team Sprint Aust Youth Olympic Festival AUS
2nd U19 Keirin Oceania Championships AUS
2nd U19 Sprint Australian Championships SA
3rd U19 Sprint Oceania Championships AUS
4th U19 Keirin Australian Championships SA
4th Sprint Aust Youth Olympic Festival AUS

James has been selected to represent Australia in the 2009 UCI Jun

Phoenix-Appeal Victorian Bushfires

If you’ve ever thought about buying a card or a print of mine, now would be a great time.

All profits (plus a one for one donation by RB) from the sale of this picture here will go to aid the victims of the Victorian Bushfires.

I have watched dumbfounded, as stories of the firestorms on the weekend have been shown on the news, and having been a member of the SES during the 1994 bushfires in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, I thought I knew a bit about fires, and their physical and psychological aftermath. Boy was I wrong.


Well that snuck up!!

The game is ON

Just a quick reminder to get over to the fabulous Sound Challenge and cast your vote.

My entry is Wired from Birth – but like all massive RB comps there are a plethora of brilliant entries worth your vote!

The difference with this one, is that the RB challenge machinery will decide the Top 20 and the Demo people will decide from there.


Hey Geelong Throng ...

Hi ..

Some of you know me and some of you don’t .. but I have a very Geelong oriented question.

My best friend on the whole planet has another friend who’s daughter is getting married on March 20th at Point Cook Homestead.

Is there amongst you – or can anyone recommend a good wedding photographer who isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg or Jacqui’s firstborn child??

Thanks in advance ….


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