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Why, oh why, oh why ....

Do people who claim to be disgusted, etc etc at the way this website is administered stay here.

I have said this before, and I will say it again.

If you don’t like the place, leave.

And when I say leave, I mean it – don’t open other accounts – pack up and go.


  • Danny
    Dannyover 3 years ago

    slow night?

  • Nup. Just really really pissed off with squeaky wheels.

    – Cathie Tranent

  • Danny
    Dannyover 3 years ago

    Who are the holocaust deniers on this site and what does it have to do with Red Bubble Admin?
    If I was in charge, I’d just kick everyone off,
    So much more peaceful that way.

  • Cathie Tranent
    Cathie Tranentover 3 years ago

    Spoof, parody and satire.

    Sense of humour required.

    It’s not even so much the whole HH thing – there have been increasing whines and whinges in direct proportion to the membership numbers.

    I just don’t understand why these people don’t exercise their gods given right and go away …

  • AlisonJohnston
    AlisonJohnstonover 3 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more Cathie.

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 3 years ago

    thing is, admin is so tolerant that everyone is allowed to be here. live and let live – even the haters, even the haters who hate the hate messages and get so many other haters to hate them – and then go and spread hate in other sites, even they’re allowed to be here, hating everyone who doesn’t hate what they hate – it’s pretty hateful, really!

  • Octochimp Designs
    Octochimp Designsover 3 years ago

    People don’t go away for many reasons. I lost all my ‘Shortcut to Success’ articles due to RB admin deleting them and I was really pissed off about that. I considered leaving, and then realised that there is a lot I still like about the place, so I swallowed my pride… but it didn’t mean I couldn’t complain loudly about it, which I certainly did. So one of the broader answers to your questions is that for each member who is complaining they probably have more reasons to stay than reasons to go.
    The biggest problem with the recent events that inspired your post however, I believe, is not that there are individuals who are annoyed at something and are subsequently voicing their concerns. The big problem is that they are feeding of each others anger. It’s called mob mentality, and it’s not a good thing, but it is an inevitable thing. You get a big group of passionate expressive people and it’s only a matter of time. If you want to design a system where that’s not going to happen you might want to a) not let actual artists join, and b) not let members talk to each other. …And then you end up with something more like Zazzle. Yuck.

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    The big problem is that they are feeding of each others anger.

    yes, yes, yes.

    Everyone needs to take a big step back and take a huge breath.

  • AlisonJohnston
    AlisonJohnstonover 3 years ago

    I’m over it – I’ve never seen this kind of cowardly behaviour before.

    This is Redbubble’s site and as long as they are within the law they are quite entitled to host whatever images they like. If folks don’t like it, then they have options …. one of which is to leave …. the other is to accept that RB are going to host the images and stay.

  • Melinda Kerr
    Melinda Kerrover 3 years ago


  • transmute
    transmuteover 3 years ago

    I’m leaving.

    And setting up a trolling profile.

    Even though everyone knows it’s me.