The Juice on the Muice ........ er, Moose

Welcome to interview #2 in a series for the fine folk at Tee HQ.

At the request of the talent filled Matt Simner, this interview is with that Moose with the Most, Nick Ford!

Hard Roctopus

How did you find Redbubble?

I was introduced to Redbubble by the legendary Scott Robinson. He caught wind of my drawings through a skateboarding site we have in common and thought I’d like it here …. “Great community of artists” i believe he said initally. Little did I know that this place would flick a creative switch in my brain that had been in the off position for too long! After a few encouraging and humbling comments, i found myself (much to my wife’s dislike) in front of the computer 24/7 …… designing.

Does your day job help or hinder your tee designing?

Umm …… definitely not hinder. I’ve been away from the design game (employment wise) for the last year, so that has helped in the fact I haven’t been locked behind a screen for 8 hours a day. I now find myself wanting to get busy on projects when I get home. After 12 years working for a newspaper (really uncreative), I needed to get back to my roots and create things …. for myself! Redbubble has not only provided an outlet for these designs but also open many new doors (style, technique, processes, etc) to me as well!

Who or what inspires your designs?

Inspirations come from anywhere and anything. Be it things that I have a passion for (skateboarding, sealife, wild animals) or just random ideas triggered by everyday things. I have a sketch book that I take everywhere. I find train trips really productive (I don’t drive, so these happen a lot!) A lot never make it out of the book but some get scanned, reworked and vectorised or coloured. Family and friends can come up with cool ideas too. Sometimes.

Three people (dead or alive) for a dinner party. Who and why?
Mike Patton
Vocalist and alround tripper. Love his work.
Leonardo da Vinci
Painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer. Speaking English of course
Steve Irwin
Wildlife expert, conservationist, legend.

One important thing you’ve learnt from RB?

Don’t be scared to try new techniques. I still have to keep telling myself that! Hopefully future tees will show my success with this! There is a load of great tuts and tips here on Redbubble ……. use em!

Have you dabbled in any other genre on Redbubble?

A bit a photography. I do enjoy getting down the beach for a cracking sunrise. Best time of the day. I’ve also uploaded some old bw stipple ink drawings. A meduim and technique i love, but it is so time consuming ………. vectors took over.

What do you do to market your work?

Not much at all really, outside of tagging my works and being a part this rockin’ community.

One thing about you that might surprise us?
I’m going to be a Dad in about 20 weeks!
(Ed: Congratulations!!)

Design Plans for the future?

Just to keep evolving …………….. oh and i want a tattoo gun.

Who should we interview next?

Sven Ebert


  • rubyred
    rubyredabout 5 years ago

    Good work you two! Nice to learn more about Nick, love his stuff, one of my favourite tees is one of his. Good luck with the little one!

  • Matt Simner
    Matt Simnerabout 5 years ago

    Congrats Nick (and Mrs Moose)! – Great to see a little bit what makes you tick. Nice work again Cathie :)

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonabout 5 years ago

    Nice to see a wee bit more mooseman..
    (not to be confused with more mooseman wee)

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardabout 5 years ago

    Great interview with my favourite Moose. Used to be Bullwinkle before I came to RB. Can’t wait to get to see Moosey Junior!!! (and I have no desire to see any Mooseman wee thanks Mr Robinson… so glad you made sure there was no confusion)

  • Danny
    Dannyabout 5 years ago

    Mike Patton would try and piss in the teapot
    Da Vinci steal your cutlery and Irwin wrestle your dog (or Paton, definitely not
    Da Vinci) Strange Dinner guests.
    Congrats on the pending munchkin
    Yes keep evolving, I doing that at the moment and have deceloped a 6th finger on my 3rd arm

  • Danny
    Dannyabout 5 years ago

    I shouldn’t type without my goggles

  • Naf4d
    Naf4dabout 5 years ago

    Interesting stuff Guys.
    Certainly in my list of top five artists on Redbubble…. always good to see his new creations.

  • Natalie Tyler
    Natalie Tyleralmost 5 years ago

    Fab interview. Don’t listen to Danny. Mike would be a perfect dinner guest. He’d arrive impeccably dressed with a fine bottle of red and would supply the perfect dinner party soundtrack. And_then_ he would wrestle with Irwin. Good luck with the new bub. Hope you still find some spare time to design :)

  • Nick Ford
    Nick Fordalmost 5 years ago

    Thanks heaps guys! Beautiful link Nat ….. he never ceases to amaze me ….. Danny does have a point though!