I also have another Bubble Account with my artwork at www.redbubble.com/people/wolfycat47.

This site came about for my photography, only. Specifically, everything “nature.”

I will be posting numerous photos, some, digitally altered and some, not:)

Calendars will be forthcoming as well as some t’s…hopefully!

Enjoy, and please e-mail me with any comments or questions or if you would like to license any of my work.

Please respect my copyrighted work and do not use it without asking my permission.

Hopefully, a huge greeting card company will see my floral cards and license a lot of my work! Well, I can dream, right???


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leave of absence

I am taking an extended leave from RB. / My art and animals have been in second place lately. / I am also pretty discouraged with ""RB"" This has nothing to do with all of the beautiful people here:))) / Happy creating and I will check in once in a while. / with love, / catherine
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