What"s strange is that I think this is the first time I’ve ever written about myself ! Must fight the need to make myself look good!

If who I am can be determined by the Frequently Asked Questions then “Sweet Jesus what the hell are you doing now?” would be the winner. I’m restless and hungry most of the time.

If I was on the yellow brick road I’d be asking the Wizard for patience.
My number one son is “Wisdom” and my number one daughter is “Wonder” and my wife is the one who makes me want to be better (still raging with Hollywood for stealing that line!) She is the one I admire the most.

I live with some constants, most of which are conflicts: control and freedom, business and art, anxiety and confidence, creativity and boredom, planning and flowing. But then again, I reckon we all do, just some of us are better actors than others. So I try not to act as much any more.

I love people, new ones most of all, but I need to exclude the ones that park in the disability parking bays, particularly outside their Gyms, they’re worse than Mondays.

I hate Traffic lights that beep, they remind me of critical illness, apologies to the blind. I love tolerance and need more of it but hate political correctness, it’s an excuse for inaction.

I sometimes look at my watch a few times before I remember to actually read the time. I panic at the supermarket that I’m not packing the groceries fast enough, no matter how many times I try to be cool and even though I like to think that I’m unpredictable, quirky, individual and different, I still buy the packets of biscuits that say 100% extra free, despite the fact the pack has been saying that for the last ten years! But to all those advertisers and markeeters I just want to say this, having an odd number of aisles in your supermarket doesn’t work on me ! I never travel the last aisle twice ! So there! I am an individual !

I design and I write but not for a living, its the only time I forget to eat and
giggling incontinence is one of the worlds great wonders.

If I really want to watch something on TV I do it standing up, with a screwdriver in my hand. It works, the wife assumes I’m in transit from one chore to the next, well it did before I posted this !
Bollix but I can be a thick fucker sometimes!

  • Age: 48
  • Joined: October 2009


Sunday Miscellany - Incapable or Unlearned

Writing is my winter sport, but that’s not because I don ‘t write in the summer, its just that the plants shout at me louder in the growing months, as they pop up their heads in places that surprise me, and the snails begin their game of guerrilla munching which has been known to send me into an apoplectic range of a Sunday morning, when nurtured seedlings have been decimated to a status of singl…
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Sunday Miscellany - Penis and Philosphy

I’m going to go out on a limb in this weeks journal and talk about two things that inspired me recently, Penises and lessons in Philosophy. / Lets get the penis discussion out of the way first shall we? / I appreciate that for most of you, talking about penises is about as appropriate and palatable as bringing your vegetarian friend out for dinner and ordering roast swan on a bed of sauted…
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Sunday Miscellany - The Jane Austen Cookery School of Decadence Debauchery and Hemorrhage !

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed to RB and it’s now time to get back on to the keyboard saddle after weeks of illness, work, dithering about, entertaining people that I owed dinner too, hospital visits, more bloody illness and yet more dithering and flutin about scratchin my ass and not getting into first gear on anything. My usual start to the new year! / But at the sta…
Posted about 6 years – 25 comments

Sunday Miscellany - A whole heap a Nothin

I have absolutely no freakin idea what to write, hence the title this week, ‘A whole heap a Nothin". I’m just trying to get back into a keyboard swing and the habit of typing the words, quantity being the goal and be damned with the quality, that can come when I have more time to devote to this curious sport of writing. / I’m in my kitchen and its 7 a.m on Sunday morning. E…
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