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Lubbock, United States

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My career in photography began at the bottom of the rung as an Appointment Consultant .
With this job I learned to schedule the allotted time needed for specific styles of photography sittings.
From there I slowly moved up the ladder to Portrait Consultant .
With this job I learned the valuable tool of judging what poses worked the best with each portrait situation , as well as what to look for in a quality photo.
After taking a break to raise my family … I once again began my quest for advancement in the field of photography and took a few Continuing Education classes in Photography that were offered through Texas Tech University .
These classes only inspired me further to look for a way to at last become a Professional Photographer.
I completed the Photography course at the New York Institute of Photography and recieved my diploma in Professional Photography in March of 2007! The course is well worth the time and money~ for anyone who is interested in taking it ! After completing my courses I Opened a Freelance Photography Company and am staying steady with work! Love every minuet f it! Not only do I get to shoot my portraits but I get the cnance to grab some landscapes and macros every now and then as well ! Everything I shoot is shot on location ! I am currently looking into Enrollling in Texas Tech University for my Bachelors degree so that I can teach Photography in High Schools !* Please note that when I review a Photograph I am looking at it threw eyes of someone who is used to looking at the printable quality for the larger size prints say 11X14 up. If I seem a little critical please forgive me,It’s a habbit that was drilled into my head during my training that has really been hard to break ! My best wishes to you all ! Happy hunting for " Just the right shot " ~ Catey

  • Age: 53
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