“Great Minds Don’t Think Alike.” Author Unknown

Hi! I am brand new to all of this and am in awe of all of the talent I see on this website.

I bought a camera a year and half ago after one of my good friends died of cancer. I remember finding out she had died, and immeadiately going to find any pictures I had of her to give her husband and her infant son.

I was so grateful for the ones I had, as I had pictures of their first date. I just happened to be there that night. I had taken these pictures with a cheap camera and hadn’t really taken a lot of pictures in my life. I realized then though, just how important pictures are in this world we are growing, transitioning and leaving eventually.

Ironically she was just getting into photography when she found out she had cancer. She kept going to those photography classes her husband had bought for her even during chemo. She was truly someone who knew how to seize the day. She lived this way even before she got cancer.

They had some pictures she had taken at her funeral along with a slideshow of many pictures of her and family and friends. It truly showed just how amazing it is how emotions arise from pictures. Pictures are truly important in life.

I look forward to capturing memories to share, along with having fun, as we all should be doing in life. Thanks for stopping by, and please also check out my bubblesite website by clicking here CassPics, and while you are at it you might want to check out a fabulous photographer friend I just met on RB, by clicking here RB Goddess 2

In Loving Memory of My Friend Hillary

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