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Hello everyone and thank you for the sale

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I was on here. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I am back in school. I am working on my bachelores of fisheries and wildlife now. I am really busy with this second degree, there is a lot more math and chemistry and it is really hard. I seem to never find the opportunity to get on here, but I see that I am not forgotten. Thank you so much for the recent purchases. It really means a lot to me, not the money, but just the idea that someone else thought that my picture was good enough to hang on a wall, wear or give as a card. It really makes me feel good because I love photography so much and the sales make me think that maybe I am not wasting my time taking all these pictures. I also wanted to tell you all I finaly saved up enough for a new camera, yah, I got a Canon Ti2. It cost a bundle but it is worth it. I am now saving up for a telephoto lense, the dang thing costs as much as the camera, ha ha. Well I hope to get some practice in with this new camera, there are some things that I really need to learn
Well once again thank you all so much

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