Help choosing art for fair

Hello all, let me first say that I have been gone again for a couple of weeks so I am trying to catch up on all the work I have missed seeing. I do look through most of it and try to comment on as much as I can. From what I have been seeing you all have been busy and it looks great.

So the thing I am asking is not something I want anyone to feel obligated to do. I am just asking if you have a spare moment sometime if you could give your opinion on a delima I am having

We have a state fair coming up too soon and I want to submitt some photographs. You can do three color and three black and white. Now luckily it is ametuer so I don’t have to worry about looking to bad, but I wanted to know if you guys had some favorites that you liked that you could reccomend

It is hard to critique my own stuff because I am hard on myself. I look at all the really great photographers on here and their work and I sometimes forget to remind myself that I am an ameteur and need to lighten up a little

But any way, I would appreciate a little feed back and if I don’t have something as black and white and it would look good that way I can change it

thank you all very much

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