I was born in England & raised in Ontario Canada. now live in B.C. Canada.
Art of all mediums are my passion & really love taking pictures!! (more of an addiction)
I have a digital camera & film camera & love both of them!
I am working towards becoming a full-time photographer.

I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on my photography.

Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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Featured in the "Lines" group!!

Hi Guys / I just found out I was featured in the “Lines” group 10 days ago now! Havent had the time lately to look. / Thanks so very much “Lines” group for featuring my work “Walk On The Pier” !!!
Posted over 6 years – 14 comments

Sue Anne's Card

Just wanted to share a better pic of a card I purchased by “SueAnne” called / “Kona Sunset” / It is exquisite!
Posted over 6 years – 4 comments

Neils Card

Hi Everyone / Just wanted to show you a much better picture I took of Neil Johnson’s card I purchased called “Urban Sunset” / Thanks very much Neil for creating this masterpiece!!
Posted over 6 years – 6 comments

Need Advice charging for portraits.....etc.

I have a customer that wants her kids portraits & pictures of herself done & dont know how to charge for them. / Does anyone have any suggestions or know what to charge per sitting & per print? / I would really appreciate the feedback…. / I use film but get my pics on disk as well when I process…need a good used digital real soon as well… / Help! / Thanks!
Posted almost 7 years – 2 comments