Get your act together Redbubble

I know that you have removed some offending images…but these should never have got through in the first place.

If the site is not safe, then do something about it now before it gets to this again.


  • vampvamp
    vampvampabout 3 years ago


  • Matt Bottos
    Matt Bottosabout 3 years ago

    wow… 507 people “recommend” it on facebook already

  • What..recommend the clothing..or the slamming The Herald Sun gave it when they published the article on the front page?

    – Caroline Gorka

  • Jim Worrall
    Jim Worrallabout 3 years ago

    Oh jeez, just wonderful, … that the controversy has escaped the RB forums and is in the wild I expect a majority of potential customers to boycott purchasing items from RB. Something to do with principles I suspect.

  • I hadn’t seen it in the forums….how long has this been going on?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if peoples principles didn’t come to the fore.

    – Caroline Gorka

  • Jim Worrall
    Jim Worrallabout 3 years ago

    Oh, sorry, it may have been discussed in some peoples journals rather than forums. It’s been raging for sometime now.

    I’m now waiting for the day when I tell someone I have a portfolio on RB and they say “isn’t that where all that nasty stuff is?” :(

  • Well, hopefully Redbubble will redeem themselves by doing something to protect us and them in the future.

    – Caroline Gorka

  • Albert
    Albertover 1 year ago

    yes….get all offending stuff of RB………!!!!