• My study of art began at Allegheny College under Anne Phelbin and Carl Heeshan. I continued at Pennsylvania State University and Virginia Commonwealth University finishing with a degree in Fine Art and and another from The Way college of Indiana in Theology. I lived and worked in the Washington D.C. area, moving to Meadville in the late 80s to raise my 3 children. Family raised, I now live and have my routine in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA where I continue to photograph, draw, paint and take on the random commercial projects.• My motivation is commonly birthed in the woods and surroundings of Northwest Pennsylvania and the coasts of Georgia and Florida. Long sometimes getting good and lost walks with my camera, sketchbook, and God; it is here where I learn and am challenged. I intend to to involve my viewer with glimpses of the dynamics of simplicity. – Quiet inspection of what we often overlook is filled with amplified presence and voice.• Determined by the image’s need, I work both large and small using pen, pencil, brush, and camera. It’s my hope that the viewer take a closer look at “his” surroundings, see what grows behind the garage. Appreciate and to perhaps observe a quietness where God powerfully moves and speaks.•

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  • Age: 59
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Fly By featured!

“Fly By” has been featured in Water Media! If you knew my history with watercolors you’d be cheering! lol!
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Finks of Ink

“After the Rain” is featured this month (2/10) at Finks of Ink. Fink of Ink is a group that displays work done in Ink – mostly by a group of detailed minded, patient, dotters and splotters. check it out!
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Received My First Redbubble "Featured" Work

Firsts are generally a good thing. There are exceptions of course i.e.: 1st time falling off a horse / first flat tire / first bank overdraft. But then there’s the birth of your first child, or the first time swimming in the ocean, or your first car. Now this is a first not on the HUGE end of great exciting life altering firsts – but it means a lot to me THANKS!!! My T-shirt design…
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Starting out new to RB / Old to the World

Hi – I’m always seeking new resources and avenues to display my work. I think I may have found one here that works for me – we’ll see. If sales and interest in my work (critique / comments) is at a reasonable level I’ll keep an active effort here. / But so far I’ve been enjoying visiting artist’s sites. Haven’t said much yet as I’ve found a bi…
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