Sandy Bay, Australia

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I have been taking photos for over 25 years now; and I am just as passionate about it now as the day I started.

As far as ‘the arts’ go I am a bit of an all rounder, with a history of furniture and theatre design; as well as a career in graphic art.

But, my overriding passion is photography. I am a member of Focus Fine Photography in Hobart. They exhibit a couple of times a year and meet monthly, so I get a fix of group photomania on a regular basis. Additionally I have heaps of creative friends who are never backward in telling me exactly what they think. All in all I thrive in creative environments and that’s what I like so much about Red Bubble… another outlet to share my work and see the work of others; which is so inspiring.

  • Joined: June 2007


I am finally here...

5 days ago, I took down my prints from an extremely successful exhibition and all I can think is what now?? / 3 days ago a friend called me into her office and said ‘look what I’ve found’, it was Red Bubble; and I have been hooked ever since. I love the feedback I have received; and the ease of getting my work out there is better than ever. I am in love.
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