Name is Carlos Gil and i’m a starving artist as many others, hahaha.
Studying animation, love to draw and create things.
Thanks for looking at my work, any comments would be appreciated or ignored O.O! lol
Thanks for watching my work ^^


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Shadow on Clocktown (Zelda/Shadow of the colossus)

Hello! / Hopefully the tittle captured your attention xD / My design “Shadow on Clocktown” will be up for sale on Riptapparel.com / On NOV 2nd! / My design is a combination of Majoras mask and Shadow of the colossus, please take a look at my fb page / https://www.facebook.com/gildedart / for the giveaway of the design and the look of it :) / https://www.facebook.com/gildedart/photos…
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“Water” is up for sale at the link below :D / Share spread love the little squirtle with his new found water bending abilities ____________________ / Sorry for the late news but got the email last night X_X lol / Haha, looks awesome tho, will be getting one or two _ / http://www.unamee.com/index.php/today-tee/
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Hello! Testing the journal post and not sure what it is used for? is it to promote? O.o I seen promotions on emails regarding artists designs on shirt sites. / Well just testing this out :D lol
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