hey im carlie. im stoked to be on this sight cuz its really helping me to express myself and my art. i am in love with the fact that Jesus Christ the most beautiful person ever known can be my inspiration for everything i write, and people can read it and also find inspiration and beauty. thanks all of you for being awesome! <3

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your shape never ends

You are a circle / Embracing my finger / The short script you hold / On your metalic frame / Holds in its spiritual hands / The fate of this soul / And these eyes / Look to capture this image / And these fingers touch / Faith in the form of jewelery. / Thank God for this ring.
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in a daydream

He invites me / To walk with him across the lake / But instead of quickly jumping up / And asking him if we can skip across / I still fear I cannot do such things / Even though I have just taken the hand / That formed lakes, oceans, and even the dry land / Im wishing to be standing on right now.
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As I Make My Tracks in it / (With my feet attached to nerves attached to my brain.) / i observe the color of snow. / White in its purest form / gracing the dirt with its presence. / A gift from the clouds. / Things beyond me. / And as I drag the legs of each letter in a trail across the page / (meaning attached to words attached to lines) / i observe the color of poetry. / Art in its purest form …
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my hand shivers

as yours reaches over / to embrace it / it is thundering / the windows tremble / and my heart melts / with the tree trunks / this is a storm / we both feel / the need to love / another / specifically / and intensly. / without us / this storm / would be absent of lightning.
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There is always light

a song I wrote for my best friend in the world :)

To me again

You speak / So I stop / All I’m doing / To listen / And your words so politely / Ask for me to make room / So they can sit beside me …

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thinking in circles

endless nothings.. / the only noise in my head / is the barking dog from across the street / what is he trying to say? / is he just calling…
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