Venice - A Postcard

From Bellini to Turner Venice has been painted with love and so much effectuation. Venice was painted so much for the tourist trade you could say – Venice is the birth place of the postcard.
I first stepped of the boat and walked into the hart of Venice, (St Marks Square) when i was 10 years of age. Even thou I was suffering from to much sun,( the trials and tribulation of being fair) I remember it as if it was yesterday. As a child i stood in awe and as an adult with a fare better understanding of its history and art I stood in awe once more.
My photographs are that of a tourist, but i have also tried to show Venice as a working concern. The decaying beauty of a decadent and contrasting past. The survival of the present and the race against time for the future, for Venetian awe and beauty is manmade.

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