Johannesburg, South Africa

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A bounty !!!

I almost ashamed….I have been so scarce in my presence in RB but nevertheless you beautiful bubblers have been so generous!
In the last 30 Days I have been featured 18 times!
Thanks to you all ! And thanks to RB for being our home

Motherhood in the 60 and Beyond group

Watercolour in the ! Afrikaans ! group

Love is in the air In the ! Afrikaans ! group

Love bite In the Wild Nature Photography

The Princess In the Wild Nature Photography

The Kill In the Top Shelf Wildlife and ! Afrikaans ! groups

Crosses in the Shapes and Patterns

The secret garden in the ! Afrikaans ! group

African Fantasy in the Shapes & Patterns

The Sani Pass in ! Afrikaans ! group

Pavarotti In Wild Nature Photography AND Fauna Flora Lanscapes and Architecture of South Africa

I am little now but…. Fauna Fl…


Hallo friends!!

I must apologize for having been away from RB for 2 months almost !!
But….1st work, than I went 2 weeks on holiday in Mozambique (yes I will post pics!), than back to the internet on the blink, than in hospital for an overdue op to my hand – i am in fact tipying with 1 hand so forgive the mistakes ;)

But I am back in almost full swing ! lol

Thank you for your patience


February 2011 Features and Top Ten

Work was slow and the mood was BLUE……
Reached my internet cap mid February…….
It has been a MAGIC February for features, wins, Top Ten and acceptances in a very tough Group !!! To all my friends here ….thank you for your support…I am always so grateful!!

FEATURED in the “Wild Nature Photography & Writing” group

TOP TEN in the “Glass Patterns” challenge of the Shapes & Patterns group (105 entries)

ACCEPTED in THE FINE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY Group (To be accepted in this group is tantamount to be featured LOL )



TOP TEN Best Wildlife & Nature Photographer – February 2011
challenge of the WILD AFRICA group


Every cloud has a silver lining.....

I have been off the Bubble for 2 weeks (I had reached my Internet Cap )
and I came back on last night having suffered serious “withdrawal symptoms” :)

And would you believe it! I came back to find 6 of my pictures featured !!!
My sincerest thanks to the various generous hosts – and to all my bubble friends who have always given me the confidence to try harder!

Big Cats Group

Afrikaans is my mother tongue Group

Afrikaans is my mother tongue Group

Afrikaans is my mother tongue Group

Big Cats Group

Big Cats Group

I made it!!!

In the last couple of years I have been entering pictures (seldom) in the “Ultimate Photo Battle”

At the end of every year the top 20, voted monthly, battle in the “Yearly Battle”
My entry came 7th among 189 entries !!

I am soooo chuffed :)

I made it to HOMEPAGE!!!!!

Was away for a couple of days for a much needed holiday…..and on my return I found the best news…..
I made it to HOMEPAGE with “Single File” !!!!!!!

Thank you RB !!! And to all my friends who I know are happy for me!



I have been so scarce with comments on RB that is a miracle some friends here still talk to me….

My life has had a few months of upheaval, and no much chance to spend much time here.
Work has been hectic and I been out of my house an average of 20 days a month – now that I have two weeks at home I am busy with alterations and I have workmen in and out of the house
How long must I ask you to have patience with me…I don’t know :(
The little spare time I have I used with the Sandton Photographic Soc I joined last year
(I even managed to arrange an photo-outing to Soweto for the members)
I am now between 3 and 4 Stars grading and have entered my work in a Salon for the 1st time :) Dont know yet the outcome :)

But my photography is still my ultimate passion and I would neve…

SOLD !!!!!!

Lovely sunday morning surprise!

I have sold 2 CARDS of my “Gossiping…?” !!!

Does not say who is the lovely bubbler that bought though….nevertheless I am so happy he/she liked my penguins !



To all my bubble friends....

I need to apologize to all of you for my absence from this lovely site, this place and the people that have given me so much in these years I have been, and still am, hooked on photography.

Since my pc fried in January I still am trying to put my life together, hard drive has been at recovery for over 2 months now – but there is a back log and I have to wait….

Most of my originals are still in there, So not much to show.

In the interim I have been going to the Sandton Camera Club regularly…and last week I attended, with 12 pieces of my old work, the annual “Trophy Night”……You will be proud for me I think, I came back with :

  1. 1 Trophy for the Best Photograph of the Year in my category (I am still 2 Stars-they are very tough in grading)
  2. 1 Certificate