Exploring The Soul of Life.

I frantically stumble into a chaotic knowing
picking up the scattered fragments of my soul
wondering aimlessly around the universe
my heart collapses into a black hole
destroyed by it’s own gravitational attraction
imploding into a space in time
evaporating amongst the dust of past worlds
converted into fuel for an ultimate recreation
recalled by the story of life
I breath again, even in the vacume
and the immensity of exiseance
not comprehending myself
only knowing the lostness of everything
and finding myself within it

I rediscover love in the intricate maze
of the mind of creation
I ask, “Where does the path of great beauty lead me?”
I am answered with a pair of hiking boots
and a map to nowhere, silence my only guide
and so I climb on, up the mountains of perception
I see vast landscapes of emptiness
so full of nothing
I explore it’s purpose
and I find none
but I long to dive in
to wash myself of death
and the life that brings it
I am besotted by it’s endlessness
and succumb to it’s hollow call
but as I fall into it’s siren call to oblivion
I hear the Fathers voice
that calls perpetually outwards
and inwards
to all who are lost
as he breaths his words
I am caught in his love
and his eternal forgiveness
is sung into my soul
then all at once
the breathless key-note
that seduces my heart
and empties my lungs
the song of life
gives me wings
to soar above the world
and into his arms.
and with it, he brings a promise
never to remember
my failing heart.

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Exploring The Soul of Life. by 

I know that this kind of write is difficult to understand in terms of everyday life, but I am writing of things that all of our souls would speak of if they could talk…or at least I’m trying to. :}


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I’ve always just loved art and my MO, is simply to produce art that I find interesting and that satisfies my own sense of what is aesthetically pleasing, but very much enjoy sharing what I’ve done with other artist’s and the world whenever possible, this is why I joined RB and it certainly hasn’t disappointed.

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  • evon ski
    evon skiabout 2 years ago

    Your mercies they are new every morning . . . great is thy faithfulness. and I know I would be lost without His great love and acceptance of me as well. I thnk you express and explore this very well. Glad you are wrting. :))

  • Thanks Y!, really apreciate your commenting at this time in your early morning, this was not very well thought out but I just felt like writing something….anything and this is what came out, just bled out I guess you could say, didn’t even have anything much in mind, but I am glad you like it and at any rate, He is always an interesting subject to fall back on, especially when you lose yourself! :}}

    – carboneye

  • Donna19
    Donna19about 2 years ago

    This was a journey for me Manguin. One in which many will relate to as well. We are like a scattering of conflicting emotions that come together when embraced and spread out when confused or resisted. This kind of mindset you write of is the norm for anyone who is growing or seeking to grow in strength and faith. Your heart is just wonderful to read my friend. xox

  • You lift my heart up with your words Donna and I think that is a miracle in itself, I was feeling like a dive and after jumping in I was just carried along with the currents, good to know I’m not alone along the way and you always have a special insight into the meaning of any ones writes, thanks for blessing me with that here once again. xox

    – carboneye

  • labaker
    labakerabout 2 years ago
    A very deep dive my friend, I followed, came close to running out of air, then surfaced with a gasp, and felt invigorated……..what would become of the human race without faith in God?
  • Actually Larry I felt a bit like that myself, although I just felt like going to sleep when I was finished!, and I think he only knows what would become of us without him around, or even that we would never have been in the first place, thanks for the good words Larry. :}

    – carboneye

  • Matty B. Duran
    Matty B. Duranabout 2 years ago

    The human spirit without God is lost~Without God, even under the best circumstances life becomes a merry-go-round of emptiness~Existentialsm and many other philosophies stem from this, this need to find meaning in life~It is God who gives us meaning~Without Jesus Christ there is no meaning and no true joy or peace~as humans without God we wander aimlessly searching for the next big thing~But The Holy Spirit gives even the saint sitting in solitary confinement the greatest meaning~His darkness in the cell is only an illusion, as The Love of Christ illuminates his heart to The Truth and to The Greatest Love~Thank-you for exploring so poignantly the hardship the human soul goes through without abiding in Jesus Christ~May God continue to use you to write more poetry for His Glory and for His Kingdom~

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