The Sleep Of The Soul. Requisite dreams accost my soul / whilst streams of deprivation open up my wounds / whereupon my blood-life seeps in melancholy fronds. / T… Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Write. Tare away the veil / and break open the seal. The Dance Of Hope. If all the worlds a stage then the stage can go to hell! The Idea. Dreams inspired Ultimate Destinies. If I am bound to untie these knot’s of conception Work. Is it written in our scars? The Expanse. ………..I find myself lost in it, there are too many cracks in it’s desert floor, / I’ve fallen through more tha… A Walk. Which one of us living, I wonder askew, / will be next to join, this macabre milieu? Blood Shedding. All of this I have known before / in a distant land upon a foreign shore. Hello. Blood pulses beneath / our skins disguise. The Weaponry Of Lies. your lies / will say all. The War Of The Soul. Relax while blood seeps through the page Night & Day. Arachnid fingers crawling across the keyboard Purpose. Inspire the universe A Mermaid Emerging. by carboneye Drift. The sediments of my bloods wasteful tides settle on your depths / where the eyes innermost expanse is infinite Sampled Revolution. Build up a frame work of thwarted word’s / inhibited and twisted, watered down and cursed / a reinforcement of subtlety for the prot… Love. deserving of everything that’s good Shadow of Proof. ….who, what and why are we? Definition’s. what a thin disguise our skins are / for the implosive endlessness / of an eternal soul. Reference Photo for, "The Worker." by carboneye Location Unknown. by carboneye A Little Jar of Hope. all you are is within and not afar Supernatural Selection. treasures abound within and without Captive. captured the flesh or imprisoned the soul? Riverstone’s. What is taken away from us goes before us When Dream’s Sleep. to have dream t while you were not asleep. Small Begining’s. a stillness of sublime knowing Machine Dreaming. ..dancing in development That’s Life. ….what the?… I’ve lost my…oh it’s in… / or is it?…oh shit, I left it……where? Map of Destiny. Of an emptiness / my journey is born Pollinating of Distance. for space is but nothing / for those of us who enjoy / a more intimate coupling. Intimate Death. Beauty makes my choices for me Whispering The Wind. ushering whispers of meaning / onto the wings of eagles Stick’s and Stone’s. Dig it up, / dig up the rich black pungent Earth / that smell’s like it should / unlike our perfumed selves / let it’s wet, mol… The Key To Life. let not my soul / fall into those forbidden depths Metamorphosis. Take my thoughts , entwine them / in the ethereal filament of dreams Exploring The Soul of Life. the song of life / gives me wings / to soar above the world Rebirthing the World. a redefining / of what it is / to be / human The Life of Words. Words fall onto the page / casting shadows of meaning His Love For Us, A Misunderstood Love. what is the color of God’s smile upon us? Snowflake DNA. born of a season and returned in another / to live is but a season of life an amalgamation / of flesh and spirit / into a spinning crescendo The Deal. we stand at the coalface / of the unknowable / and yet we dare to dream Surpassing the Eternal. You stopped my heart / then started it up again Overcoming Life. our heart’s reciprocate / like the planet’s gravitate Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… A Quieting. Translucent the bouquet of the senses Tyrany of Time. the family tree of time / inherits our future’s Replenishment. rebirth yourself / in the empty womb / of my mind’s / lifeless thought’s Expectation’s. So we go on I see / and where do we go? Desire. so perfect, so sublime, resistance becomes a lie Forgiveness. I am tempted to fall into the pit of bliss Eternal Pusuit. The shadow of condemnation haunt’s my soul Face Eternal. The face, a luscious landscape / undulating symmetry of form Laughter. to let loose / like a wild goose Self. The blood red weave of my vein’s / entangle’s the drive of my soul Loom Over Me. retwine the frayed edges of my mind Happiness. A choice it is to be happy Kickstart. orchestration of light / conduct’s my eyes / into a spectral frenzy Of Life. …a blind search / for the origin / of thier beauty / in your eye’s… Breaking The Mold. by carboneye Breath of Life. for the reading pleasure of eternal angel’s. Divine Reclamation. …Red lines will follow forms of beauty… A Ramble. ..push me to foreign shores where dreams harbour Cloud of Light. by carboneye Feet In the Cloud's by carboneye Lion of The Rock. by carboneye Eternal Beauty, A Beginning. Time will not hinder us as we go…. Root's of Fear. by carboneye Humble Predator. by carboneye Cat Warning! cut short by a tabby cat’s claw! Ancient Light. blood red reception of billion year old light / from countless sun’s that shine in the night… Creative Control. by carboneye Transform Enigma. by carboneye Arachnatree. by carboneye Sad Crustacean. by carboneye Organic's. by carboneye Ancient Fossil. by carboneye River Stone's. by carboneye
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