An Accentuated Beauty.

A Celtic woman with flowing red locks, / digs silently down by her thatched abode, / for a lost hand-me-down.

The Race For Freedom.

Redemption finds us wondering lost, along / the paths of memories of innocence,

Bespoken Words.

It’s breath is mine, / and so I speak into it’s / endless eddies with a question / of why.

The Rebirth of Death.

We are as immutable as / time itself,

The Muse of the Senses.

The hangover, / will be hell.

The Story of Life.

Silence brings us forth / into a summer / of piercing musical / light,

Captive Hopes.

Words form into ropes / tying my hands purpose / to wordless dreams,


Why? / Becomes my inherited / and my betrothed question

The Impotency of Democracy.

Empty slogan ism populates / our actions,

Sirens of the Weave.

I would project audibly, / my spirit, forthwith,

The House Wins.

Life is nothing but a casino / where the dice are loaded


the truth, / which is nothing to him

Killing Time.

Death becomes my long / awaited lover

We Know Not, What We Do.

The ugliness of / those cursed with / the vestige of beauty,

Beyond The Lie Of Life.

a dream of hope / of life, / beyond death.

The Ghosts of Words.

Our voices are theirs, / their desires / we bare.

The Ink Of Time.

beyond the black well / of history.

My Heart Beats Upon My Flesh.

enriching my soiled hopes / for love.

A Winter- Land- escape.

Away from the heat of lies, / there is a land of snow.

Where Do We End?

Where do our muted thoughts travel to?


We are left alone as individuals / fighting for our lives / in the aftermath / of wars, / not our own.


my souls desire / gravitates towards / truth.

The Lost Fight.

The soul beats life / into dead flesh

Life For Lifes Sake.

they learn / of the love / that could have / saved them.

Orphans of the Past.

The black infertility / of death / is painted thus / upon our blind souls

The Corridors of Death.

We want all things / but we would share no thing,

The Truth.

towards a vision / of grace

A Bloody Story.

A singular heart / throbs / with it’s thousand curses

Self Deception.

no fee.

A Way to Fly.

I waken with / a way to fly.

The Dance.

We are dancing with dreams / not our own

Love Unseen.

How wonderful / the eye that is born

Yet Another.

Flesh is all / that is left, / and it falls

Past Life.

A multitude of lost scribes

The Answer To Ourselves.

we are left with a question / of when will it end

The Gravity of Sin.

My veins, wormholes, / timeless pathways

Blind Sighted.

My weaknesses / fall even beyond deaths / strengthening grasps / for my failing sight. / My own faltering demise / I would behold / with a…

Our Hidden Hearts.

Our actions gravitate / towards the world / in which we live.

Your Ego, My Soul.

I will live and die / in your memories of me

Giving Birth.

I see my own mind / in the reflection / of their purpose

Colors Lost.

Only a void / to be filled / with the memory / of colors lost.

Reflected Histories.

Where are our hidden mirrors? / Where the light from our present sun, / shows us where we came from. / Its ray’s have fallen upon our…


I offer a question / born of hopelessness.

The Flower of Betrayal.

Is the end of a life it’s own answer / to it’s own question?

An Organic Death.

I am discarded thereafter / to the soil, as a seed

Pluto’s Curse.

Rip open the wavelengths of space / so I can fall through time

The Stars Beckoning.

and beg of the stars / to tell me of their origins

The Molding of Perception.

Your beauty is carved out of the granite of / frozen perceptions.

Where Once The Stars Led.

our wavering beacons, our dreams do sate.

The Eternal Whomb.

Paint a bloody masterpiece

Eternity+ Eye =………………

nothing but the truth

The Eye.

the power to go on blindly

Ghost Ship.

Sunken now are my dreams of treasure / upon such rocky shores.

Sights Unseen.

I see the machinery of life / overriding the genius of mind.

Subdued History.

Searching through generations


a sleep towards dreams

The Intoxication of Reality.

A mind most intoxicated / brings forth / a reality most desirable. / Where a mind most militant / brings forth / a reality most malignant. …

Inherited Destiny.

the compass of destinies

Key To Eternity.

Your memories of me become my soul,

Lost Destinies.

A black velvet of dreams / I dream of, / to smother my reality / and subdue your absence.

Flood Of Promises.

I answer with a sigh, / and you forever, your love, / deny.

Underneath the Darkness.



Wisdom is not wasted upon the youthful,

The Word.

Is the poetic telling of a lie better / than the plain telling of the truth?

The Joke’s On Us.

The reasons for your laughter / must now and forever be disclosed.

The Beginning Of Purpose.

purpose, destiny, work, life, humanity, will, soul, battle, eternity

Mind Afloat.

the burgeoning, fetal buds / of forgotten hopes

lost Hope.

Sitting on clouds of hopelessness


Upon what page doe’s our collective story wrest with it’s own death?

Missed The Fine Print.

I am at peace with my death now

Faith On The Rebound.

How fine the line we tread / how subtle our balance / over the gravity of thought. / The rope of reality is taught / and our crossing of it…

Nothing New.

Hell gapes at my innocent longings / while heaven laughs at the folly / of my most profound desires

Writting Up The Dead.

Our heartbeats / but punctuation marks

The Infatuation Of Death.

I dig amongst furtive / longings for the true / meaning of your / beautiful lies.

Original Sin.

I am induced into the drunkenness / of a world of lies.


To pass further away / from the sands of time

Principle Of Man/Woman.

For the principals / who corrupted us / are suffering more / than us.


Shards of hope / they blister and break


Enraptured was I, / by their heavenly call,

Highway To Hell.

Forgiveness overtaken / via the detour of deception.
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