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Writing-Women from all around the world

Charcoal, charcoal pencil, chalk, graphite, water color pencil on water color paper

My portrait today is inspired by my thoughts of how women from all around the world face the same issues whether it be times from the war, times from the past or times from right now.

I created this portrait from so many images that inspired me that I have seen through the media of Middle Eastern and Afghanistan women (less now of the former) huddled and masked.

Masking themselves by law, by force, by tradition and by their own decision in some cases…I speak for myself.

I do not know how they feel, I do not know what truly compels them to make such a decision as to relinquish their rights or to stand up for themselves.

I only know what I feel when I view women in such a condition as I have told you in my previous work in my Our War artwork.

I only know that women and their children are being treated in such a way as to be harassed and assaulted by their own government and the Taliban from the news that I have read which comes from their own country.

Yes. Some news does come out…some do speak out for themselves at risk of life.

I do know that NATO and our war soldiers are doing special work to aid women and children to help in building their health and basic needs…the idea may sound simple but really I have found it is often forgotten in my country that once one has their basic needs met they are capable to then address other needs such as their dignity, their ability to seek opportunities, their strength and self-esteem can now be increased.

This is my opinion and it may be culturally biased but I believe it is not because all human beings have a right to stand up and not be shrouded and treated as if they are less than any other human being…is it only in Western Cultures that this is honored?

It did not used to be that women were honored in my country…it did not used to be that people who did not “fit” a stereotype were honored or respected. My country is young compared to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I hope that the women of Iraq and Afghanistan are able to take full advantage of the opportunities being offered to them now while our soldiers are there offering assistance to give them education, health care, and guidance.

I hope for their strength just as I am reminded of the women from the United States had the strength to make so many changes and had to face so many obstacles and had to make so many sacrifices in order for the women of today in my country to enjoy the freedom we have now.


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  • Catherine Berger
    Catherine Bergerover 3 years ago

    Beautifully done. I don’t think one ever knows what goes on in the mind of another. A lifetimes of experiences, emotions, beliefs… :)

  • Thank you for your perspective, comment, I appreciate reading your opinion and that you took the time to share this with me.

    – Cara Schingeck

  • I agree with you that one never knows what goes on in the mind of another…

    – Cara Schingeck

  • abigcat
    abigcatover 3 years ago

    Yes, different cultures, different beliefs, different ideaologies. Who knows?
    I do think there is a difference in choosing to be veiled opposed to being commanded to.

  • I respect your comment and your confusion as well because we all in my opinion are confused at one time or another about important issues such as these…I would like to take this opportunity that your comment has given to me and I thank you in advance for providing to me this chance to clear something up…I feel I may have created a bit too much ambiguity as far as how I personally feel about choices and the opportunity to make change.
    I personally feel that the women of afghanistan are strong and capable and quite able to make positve change now and are given ample resources that are not going to be there for them possibly in their future and I hope they take advantage of them and I hope they are going to go forward in the cause for women’s rights in their country as far as what they feel is correct for themselves. Hey, if they want to where a veil so be it, if they want to be submissive so be it but if it means that they are abused, are uneducated and they daughters are also treated as if they are objects and have no human rights then I feel that I am very proud that our soldiers in our war are there to guide them and offer aide for this moment in time and if they do not choose to take advantage of these offerings for help then so be it. My heart and soul goes out to the women of this world to be strong and to be capable and to be aware of those who truly care and are there for them.

    – Cara Schingeck

  • What is the difference if you don’t mind explaining further if you are comfortable with sharing your thoughts I would appreciate understanding the completion of your comment…because I value your ideas, concepts and your comment very much and your feedback inspires me to think further about my own perceptions…thank you

    – Cara Schingeck

  • abigcat
    abigcatover 3 years ago

    Ah, I’m speaking from the point of view of some friends of mine living here in the US who wear veils when going out of the house. They choose to do this, they are not forced into it by their husbands. It may be the remnants of their cultural belief ( Not religious). They are both rather shy, modest and what we Westerners may call prudish in their attitudes. Their children are completely western in both attitudes and dress. This has led to some conflict in their families, which I obviously can’t discuss here, but basically they feel free, although both they and their husbands would prefer to return to their homelands they are very appreciative of what this country has offered them. Especially in terms of keeping their families together.
    Hope this clarifies for you where I’m coming from.
    I agree that this may be an opportunity for Afghani women to make some changes. In fact they are in some significant numbers, but it’s a long road ahead of them. If US troops can assist women then all well and good.
    Personally I have always found women to be stronger than men. But that’s my personal experience of being raised by a combination of Suffragettes, Communists, Socialists, Feminists and one Liberal :-)
    Appreciate your work and your dedication

  • Thank you for clarifying and for educating me as well. I very much appreciate the time you took to explain so much to me. I am always open to learning about other cultures and other perspectives. Take care. Cara

    – Cara Schingeck

  • abigcat
    abigcatover 3 years ago

    Incidentally I forgot to mention how much I like this drawing. It shows a woman appearing, which I think is your intent. Very clear impression.
    Also, for change to be effective and long lasting I think it needs to happen slowly. Going “Cold Turkey” as it were can be disasterous, individually it may work but not en masse.
    Until our next correspondance be well :-))

  • Thank you for your comments of my artwork and your continued perspective about how change may effectively occur.
    Enjoy your day!!

    – Cara Schingeck

  • oneartiststudio
    oneartiststudioover 3 years ago

    Beautiful drawing and powerful message.

  • Karen, thank you for your feedback.

    – Cara Schingeck

  • starrling
    starrlingover 3 years ago


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