New artist alert... meet stibou

so i dont do this very often, but i stumbled across a most talented artist this evening that has just joined RB and i believe her work needs some attention so thought id share a link to her new corner here..

All Meet Stibou

and there you have it… head over and say hi and get a glimpse of her beautiful collage work…


So this evening i was most surprised when i checked in and discovered i made a few sales today..
So heres a huge thankyou the the lovely man who made the purchase i hope they give to you what they gave to me as a was creating them..
many thanks again
enjoy xoxo

below are works sold, the images are linked

features, mothers love and so long ol' friend... all rolled into one

It has been some time since i have posted a journal and i thought i might take the time to share a bit of what has been going on…
first of all Many congratulations to all of the wonderful featured images for yesterdays birth and maternity mothers day features xox

As for my mothers day i was woken to kids attempting to be quiet (and we all know when they try to be quiet they are generally twice as loud) while they prepared the most beautiful breakfast, got to love scrambled eggs on toast with tea and flowers, loads of hugs, cards, pictures and sweets then my darling eldest (mr 11) informed me that at this years mothers day stall he was one of the last classes to attend and by the time he got to buy something there was nothing but chopsticks left so he decided to get me somethi…

Well wouldn't you know it the sun is shining at 3:58 in the am...

This evening and heading into the wee hours of the morn i have been sitting here ever so quietly and working away very hard every now and then taking a short break and adding something to my facebook page due to the dull-drums of creating more and more forms for the business… and all of a sudden from the corner of my desk…
bleep diddle bleep… (terrible at impersonating mobile phone tones) there was a mail message informing me that SOME EVER SO WONDERFUL MYSTERY PERSON purchased an…

message to the mystery buyer out there heres a great big HUG and many thanks it has made my tired morning all sunny even before the sun has risen

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the print once it arrives as much as i enjoyed photographin…


As i sit here on this balmy evening, cicadas singing and the wind whispering to the trees. My thoughts go out to all of those affected in one way or another by the floods currently sweeping their way across this country.

happy days...

So last night i sat up till all hours framing a few lil pieces for an exhibition myself and my family members are involved in for the third year running… i think my head managed to hit the pillow at 3:30 only to have to get back up after 6 to begin the day.


lil snippet of what was entered

(keep in mind that even photographers are not always good at taking photos on their mobile phone after the witching hour)

Sorry about the over sized image

but the day went well although i believe with the crazy heat wave it was a little quieter than it could have been. There are many beautiful pieces entered and i was lucky enough to sell one of my pieces reasonably early on… yay!

well enough waffle out of me for one night
greatest apologies if this is a little mish mashed as i have h…

Happy new year folks.... how are you all?

And now we welcome the new year with open hearts

I guess it has been some time since i have been active on RB.. i have still been here but perhaps not as involved as i would have liked.. my life in the past few months has taken quite a few turns some for the better some for the worse but one in particular has flipped my little world upside down and taken up so much time that i have not had much left for anything else… my business seem to have evolved to yet another level.
it is soooo scary when this happens… but good also..

You will find this evening that i added a few portraits from recent sessions i have had. My time has been taken up alot with them of late, what more can i say but woohoo… i simply love photographing children… They are just wonderful little beings…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait