why not take the time....

WOW i cant believe it! where does the time go…. it has now been a month since i started hosting Birth and Maternity with the help of the other hosts and we now have our fourth set of features. i am so happy that people are beginning to add their work to the group again as it is such an important part of life therefore should be and important part of art also… i have been lucky enough this last couple of weeks to be able to photograph mother one week before bub arrived and now so happy to announce mother and baby are doing very well and you should be viewing an image or two o him soon enough.

I also wanted to take the time to thank all of the people who have shown their support you all make the world of difference in my life. you provide encouragement when perhaps i am a little…

Now hosting the Birth and Maternity Group

Hello to anyone thats watching…
I know i have been very quite of late and there has not been much work added on my behalf but on the odd occasion this happens and I’m sure I will be adding more work soon
For some more interesting news It appears that myself and Two Other members of RB have managed to become hosts of the wonderful Birth and Maternity group. Which i am quite excited about and as of about 1 hour ago we have our first 12 feature images please feel free to head over there and have a look.
This group was a little stagnate for some time so there were many images waiting for approval. If you have any pregnancy images you would like to add to our group please do not hesitate to stop on in join our group and add your pieces. We would love to see them.
Thanks for taking the…

fallen behind now i have to catch up with you all....

Hi all
i just thought i should share a little of myself this evening as i seem to have been wandering around and around in circles wanting to paint but not painting and craving to go out and photograph something but no time to do it…
it has been most frustrating for me
i have had sleepless nights…
seriously… how often has it happened to you??
a couple of weeks ago i found myself unable to sleep all because “i had to paint something, anything” … and when i finally got all the supplies to paint, it seemed i just couldn’t….
for myself, i am not an artist who can plan whatever it is i want to create… it just appears in-front of me as i go… of course i can go back and recreate what is needed if by chance i think it would look better done …

yeehar... challenge win

so to my suprise this morning i discovered that i had won a challenge A wonderful woman for the all in editing group… and then later i discovered i have a $20 US voucher to spend because of it… i am a little excited as i am not one to win things lol so had to share it have a happy day folks

oh this was the winning image

i just recieved some flowers...

I am currently still feeling all squishy…. as i recieved the most wonderful suprise …. a beautiful boquet of flowers delivered right to my room from the most talented Loui Jover
Loui WOW.. they are wonderful
I am currently so out of words… lol that really dosent happen very often…
so i will just say
thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou
and perhaps one or two more

woohoo thanks again….

a bit of a shout out.... and HOW WAS THAT STORM!!!

this is just really to say out loud a big thankyou for the few features this past week it is always exciting and appreciated… also HOW WAS THAT STORM YESTERDAY…. we got trapped under a rotunda in a park all cowering from the enormous hail… trust my family to pick the one day for a family bbq reunion that we have the biggest storm in 40 yrs… amazing really my eldest son is currently in the middle of a school project on storms and whamo… the sky let us have it…
did anyone else out there get stuck in it i would love to hear your stories…

As for features this week
thankyou oh so much it really is a lovely feeling having a work featured i think it keeps us going sometimes and i know for me its a little reminder that others appreciate my work.. (which …


i remember the day that i reached 100 views here on redbubble and was so excited that there had been 100 views of my work it was such a happy moment for me…
so here i sat this morning and as i was shuffling around red bubble in my pj’s after getting kids out the door off to school and before the rest of todays work took over i looked up and noticed

10,172 view


i mean wow this is truely amazing i never thought my work would be seen by so many so really i just wanted to take the time to say thankyou to all the people who have given me support here all your comments keep me going the community here is wonderful and and the people i have met here i would not have had the chance to anywhere else

so once again thankyou for the enormous amount of support…xox

what do you have planned??

so here I am possibly on the other side of the world from you or maybe just around the corner… but i promise i am very good at keeping secrets… so shhhhh tip toe over here and in a light floating whisper that carries on the wind tell me what do you have planned as that secret suprise for your loved one tomorrow??……

happy valentines people…

in need of a little help?... just a speck...

*update*just so you are aware i think i have solved the mental blockage issue that i was having but feel free to read and comment anyways still open for thoughts/suggestions

so i have been thinking of late (hmmm i know sounds tricky but on occasions i do manage a thought or two..) anyways to the point..
i know that for myself as an artist photography is who i am i have always been and will always be… though art also has taken up a large part of my life and at this moment in time while waiting to develop a whole heap of negatives i have been reconecting with the side of me that draws and paints…
i have noticed here on rb there are a few members that have seperate accounts for certain styles and what i am wondering is what are those who are watching me(or anyone else) think when …

happy birthday to me... hehe

so i just thought i would share that this morning i was jumped on climbed over and showered with little gifts that were surrounded by hand drawn wrapping paper and aproximately three rolls of sticky tape… could life get any sweeter… yes indeed it could and there it was a hot cup of tea in bed…
as far as i go, i couldnt wish for a better wake up call, lol its not everyday that i get “happy birthday to youuuuu you look like a monkey and smell like one tooo (hmmph why did i ever teach them that one)”

so aside from all of the birthday cheer being another year younger i also want to give a big shout out to say thankyou for the recent features i have had they have been of course most unexpected and oh sso appreciated so thankyou thankyou oh so much to these lovely

welcome to a friend

hi all i just wanted to share with you the work of a dear friend of mine her name is solvejg she is new to rb and does not belong to any groups as yet but she has some amazing work so head over have a look at her black and white nudes and say hi
heres a sneak peek

what is cd is in the player???

so here i was painting painting painting away listening over and over to the lovely
Miss Kate Miller-Heidke LIVE at the HI-FI album (she is just so cute and witty all rolled into one) being ever so inspired and it got me to thinking how many more are out there right now doing the same thing?
so, tell me, tell me, tell me now…..
whats cd is in the player???
what gets you painting/drawing/cutting/pasting/colouring/doodling/writing/and so on?


ok so how excited do you think i was this morning when i discovered my whispering balloons sitting on the HOME PAGE
i dont know who it was who did the picking of all those beautiful bouncing balloons but i feel so honoured to be placed amongst them all… thankyou thankyou thankyou

have a great day all..

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