features, mothers love and so long ol' friend... all rolled into one

It has been some time since i have posted a journal and i thought i might take the time to share a bit of what has been going on…
first of all Many congratulations to all of the wonderful featured images for yesterdays birth and maternity mothers day features xox

As for my mothers day i was woken to kids attempting to be quiet (and we all know when they try to be quiet they are generally twice as loud) while they prepared the most beautiful breakfast, got to love scrambled eggs on toast with tea and flowers, loads of hugs, cards, pictures and sweets then my darling eldest (mr 11) informed me that at this years mothers day stall he was one of the last classes to attend and by the time he got to buy something there was nothing but chopsticks left so he decided to get me something else, that was “small but cool.”
he then handed me $3.80 and said “heres your three dollars back mum and you got 80 cents interest!!” HA love it!
you see I am sharing this because yesterday was my first mothers day being a single mum. towards the end of last year i split with my partner and I have to say that yesterday i was so very proud of my beautiful children they are just so loving and sensitive and supportive I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. they are my world. xo

On another note a week ago we lost a most treasured family member our
Ol’ man Bud
He was a most treasured member of our family and will be missed for some time to come… love ya buddy xoxo

this great ol’ guy made it to 15 yrs and was truly spoilt for the best part of those years :-)

until next time folks keep the creative juices flowing hugs xoxo

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