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Skot  Schuler

Skot Schuler

Rancho Cucamonga, United States

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I have been working in the printing industry for 28 years. Although, I rarely get to put my own drawings into my graphic design, I am obsessed with drawing. My medium of choice was color pencils. 

For my Birthday last year, I received an iPad. Using a sketchbook app, I have created almost all of the work you see here. No more lugging around all of my color pencils,  washing the led off my hands, or ruining paper from constant erasing. I can now draw anything, anywhere, with the convenience of caring around a sketch pad. The iPad will also carry all of my drawings, so I can show them to anyone. 

The iPad has quickly become my medium of choice. I can finally get the rich colors and textures I couldn’t get from color pencils. And create artwork I’ve always strived for, but could never quite get. 

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