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I think therefore I am vegan by 


  • angwickham
    angwickhamover 3 years ago

    lovely imagery and message.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Leeover 3 years ago

    The more I think about it, the less justifiable my eating meat is. Any tips for a high protein low animal/ low carbon diet?

  • I am glad my work can inspire people. Sweet! I did this design for an organisation here called Vegetarian Tasmania. There’s many options to get onto a vegetarian diet. Soy products (tofu, tempeh) are very rich in protein and you can find them marinated, smoked, etc or can cook them to your own taste. I really love marinated tofu. They are a good protein alternative. There’s also some “fake meat” stuff made with gluten for the ones who really crave meat, but I think that if you educate your tastebuds as well as learn how to cook good vego food these aren’t that necessary. There’s also lots of protein in nuts and beans. The carbohydrate content is higher in beans, but if you exercise enough it should not be an issue; and if you don’t then you probably don’t need an enourmous amount of protein anyway. Cooking raw food or with lots of vegetable is delightful, and there’s lots of website online who can give you very good advises to how to eat healthy vegetarian food. :-))

    – captainblue

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Leeover 3 years ago

    Soy is high in protein but not especially eco friendly. Whey isn’t that much better but still preferable. I eat a lot of egg whites which is both high in bio-available protein and more eco friendly than beef, poultry and pork. Pretty much lived off eggs for the last five years and they’re starting to lose favour in our household.

    Just not many more options. Beans are like you say high in carbs and nuts are high in fat. Do you know of anything comparable to eggs?

  • Organically grown soy beans aren’t too bad..? But yeah, too much soy, especially more processed products like soy milk wouldn’t be healthy anyway.
    I don’t think there’s anything like eggs or cheese, no. But I am no specialist. I tend to think that we probably don’t need to have as much protein as some people think… healthy living with a bit of soy, sea weeds, nuts and beans seems alright to me, I am an active person and I am healthy…. so it works for me :-)
    I do eat eggs sometimes though, free range from the neighbours, but that’s the avantage to live with lots of nature around…

    – captainblue

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Leeover 3 years ago

    Yeah, we’re going to have chickens at our new house. You’re right about most people being able to get all the protein they need from the sources you mentioned but if you want to keep growing more muscle like myself you have to eat a serious amount of protein which puts pressure on my dietary choices.

    Organically grown soy is better but still uses inordinate amounts of water last time I checked. It’s hard to find good data for the environmental cost of different foods.

  • Chicken at your house seems to be the best solution then, for sure :-)
    I see the problem for people who don’t have the space for it……. I guess it’s a lifestyle choice for some, but I understand it isn’t easy, I consider myself lucky…
    I have heard of Peter Singer, I will look at your link, thanks for sharing :-)

    – captainblue

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Leeover 3 years ago

    Getting back to the message of your work though, have you read or seen anything by Peter Singer

  • oaktreefactory
    oaktreefactoryover 1 year ago

    Very happy to be wearing this one!

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