Wellfleet, United States

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Photographer : © Dapixara.
Cape Cod, Wellfleet Massachusetts, USA.

Attention all artwork copyright. Do not use without permission.

All scenes I shoot on the highest resolution professional digital cameras and lenses!
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I walk out the door of my home each day and I’m truly amazed at the beauty that surrounds me. Living in Cape Cod
inspires me to be a part of this world of living things and the vast outdoors. I do my best to be out in nature
every day taking pictures, but at the same time try to have as little impact on our natural resources as possible.
Capturing the beauty around me with my camera, but at the same time leaving it exactly as it was so others coming
after me can see it as I witnessed it.
I have a very strong passion for creating art. I use a variety of disciplines to create my art may it be
photography, painting, writing, or just living.
Art is life, so go out and create some great art.

Thank you and enjoy your purchase.
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