Running Springs, United States

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Christmas Eve Capers.

Well everyone Knows Spy and what she does . We were invited to a Christmas Eve party . Now when it comes to remembering how to get somewhere , let alone find houses , she is lacking . So I decided to play a little game with her . I parked in front of a house that looked similar to the one we were invited to . Spy walks up , rings the doorbell and this wonderful blond lady answers the door . Spy says as she walks thu the door , " Tell Chris that we are early " and procedes to go into the house , put down her purse , and kick off he clogs . The wonnderful woman said " Merry Christmas but do I know you ". Spy realized her mistake and made a hasty retreat . The blond gave me a big hug wishing me a Merry Christmas all the while laughing hysherically . Spy was also laughing …

For 60's Glory group challenge.

Ever since I was a little wee one . Mummy always said see the man in the moon. I believed her for quite a while . Then came the years to grow up . I loooked and sure enought there he was . But my doubts began to get the better of me . Soon after I had it figured out . I went to Vietnam. Now officers could not be caught believing in the man on the moon. So as the years passed , I kept looking up into that foreign
sky always thinking of him .Well on July 20th. 1969 , the United States Government proved be right after all . We landed on the moon and we put some men there . It was as if the whole USA was saying ,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP"s . For it was my birthday , there in paddies of Vietnam.
Bao giờ kể từ khi tôi còn là một trong wee ít. Xác ướp luôn luôn nói rằng nhìn thấy người đàn ông ở mặt…