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The Stares And The Moon (poem I write)

He is the moon and the stars in my life, the sun wakes me from a moon lit night. He is all I can see when I look into his eyes all I can see is me.
The Sun and the moon light touch my life like the rain poring down on on a hot summer night. He is all I need to get me going when Im down on my knees. He has lifted me up like a worm summer brezz.
These summer nights seem so long with out him here to hold. I think of what it might be like with out the him with out the moon and the stares and the sun above.
I long to heir from him and to see him look at me and want my touch. For him to hold me tight all through the night.
He is the sun the moon and the morning light. I think of him and time flys by. He fiils me with the pashion I have never felt in my life.The tenderness of his worm embrace. His blue eyes are the light in my eyes. Where the moon and the stars shine at night.He brings light to my lonely days like a spring rain danceing on my face. Now I realised how much I have missed when I feel the softnes of his worm gentel kiss. The summer wind is like worm embrace his soft gental hand touching my face.
He brings me flowers and cards so sweet. When I think of him I melt to my feet. He is the moon and the stars in my life. he makes me happy and time flys by, it seems so fast its like a blink of an eye. I wish time would stop when we are together. But I know it wont no matter what the wether.We saver the time we have together becouse we know it wont last for ever.
He is the my moon and stars in my life. He is like the northen lights danceing in my eyes.

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