Sale and features

Recently I work under my new account walstraasart. Under this account "CanDuCreations’ Ted Widen and me worked often together. Ted is back to Canada so I gave birth to walstraasart.
It is such a nice surprise to find out that under this account there were new features:
- “Circles and suns” was featured in FRACTAL Ts

- “The Space Castle” was featured in Group Incendia,

I sold a t-shirt to MattGiles

-Peacock feather" was featured in Flame Apophysis,

-“Playful with shapes” was featured in Flame Apophysis,

Fantastic news!
Thank you very much hosts of these wonderful groups and Matt Giles for the sale!
Have all of you a beautiful and creative new week,



Hi wonderful RB friends!

The past two months there were many features but I did not catch up with them
There were also sales. Here they are:
12 Mar 10 Big Bird Cards 1 US$0.60
21 Feb 10 The mirror card Cards 1 US$0.23
21 Feb 10 Impression of Spring Cards 1 US$0.23
11 Feb 10 Three cute baby monkeys Cards 1 US$0.67
9 Feb 10 Women’s weapons

Lucinda Wind and Mariaan Krog were two of the buyers. The other two are unknown.

I started a new account under walstraasart. So being not active anymore under this account this is a wonderful end. I don’t terminate this account it is just sleeping.

Wish you all a wonderful and creative time on RB,


New account

Hi my wonderful RB friends!

Today I opened a new account on RB under the name walstraasart.
The CanDuCreations account work from me and Ted Widen. Ted went back to Canada in may 2009 and has his own account on RB.
So time to follow my own art path. You can find me under walstraasart. Hope you enjoy my work there as well.
I don’t terminate the CanDuCreations account. So all the artworks this far stay there.

Have a wonderful day and fun,



The past weeks (starting december 13) brought me quite a lot features and every time it was a happy making message. Here they are:
- “The Ice Planet” was featured in Group Incendia

- “The magic eye” was featured in THE ULTIMATE UF5 AND BEYOND

- “Retro” was featured in Creative Cards,

- We would like to Congratulate you on being featured in the Globes, Spheres and Curves Group!

- “The rainbow abstract” was featured in the group Digital abstracts and patterns,

- “Swirling balls” was featured in Creative Cards,

- “Fusion” was featured in A Fractal Energy Passion.

- “Love in space” was featured in Group Incendia,

- “The Moon landing” was featured in Group Incendia,

- “In motion” was featured in…

Features in the past weeks

The past weeks I got the following messages about having featured my work. I was very pleased with them.
Here they are:
- My heart got wings, group “All about hearts”

- Mom owl and her babies in the group “Globes, spheres and curves”

- Thousand little lights in the groupes Creative cards and
Flame Apophysis

- Just for the fun in the group Globes, spheres and curves,

- Shake, shake, shake in the Group Incendia,

- Catching a star in the Group Incendia,

- Beauty in red and white in the group One single flower,

- Eyes in the woods in the group Fractal Perception,

- Fractal fun bouquet in the groups Incendia,
and Cee’s artsy friends

- “The fractal sculpture” was feat…

A sale and a feature

Wow I got today a message that I sold two posters. I am very pleased. Thank you very much “unknown” buyer. You made my day.

I also received a bubblemail that “Playing with spirals” was featured in Globes, Spheres and Curves. Thank you very much hosts of this wonderful group.

Wish everybody a beautiful and creative day,


Features in the past week

It is always a wonderful surprise to get a message that my work became featured. I am very pleased with the ones I got the past week. Here they are:

- Bubbles and a rose in Digital abstracts and patterns

- Midnight lights in Art in Math

- Beuty in peach in All about flowers

- In a happy purple mood in A fascinating purple,

- My heart got wings in Flame Apophysis,

- The juggler in Creative cards

- The floral mandala in A kaleidoscope Kraze,

- The moonlanding in Fractal perception

Thank you very much hosts for also chosing my work.
Wish everybody a wonderful and creative new week,


Sales and features

The past 7 days were good to me. I got a message that:

- I sold a Christmas card:
Red christmas design with text,
- I sold my calendar “Fractal birds” and it was a wonderful surprise that it
was Bevanimage who was the buyer. Thank you very much Bev!
- The modern spider web is featured in the group A fractal energy passion,
- “The dicovery” was featured in the group “Spectacular Spirals”,

- My card “Lightening the Planets” is featured in the group Creative Cards,

- “Mom owl and her babies” was featured in The Healing Journey

- “I offer you magic and love”" was featured in Fractal Perception,

I am very pleased with these results. I thank the hosts very much for chosing my work.
Wish everybody a wonderful day,