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pride of life....

why do i have so much pride in my heart? i have so much pride i don’t know where to start. i can’t understand how i’m living each day, with pride in my mind, my heart, its so grey. why doesn’t this pride just leave me alone? when i try to get rid of it ,pride justs gets more strong. i’m overwhelmed by pride, in my eyes, i’m so blind. pride you’re so pittiful yet i just can’t get rid of you. i just need some closure from the eye of the beholder. lord i ask that you deliver me from pride i can’t do it alone its fighting me so deep inside. will you please help right now,i want to do it but i just don’t know how. i’m putting my pride that’s inside in your hands. this is my closure it’s over i’m done. I trust in you we’ve already won…..

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