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Born May 1961 Taurus, (loyal, very loving, great true friend, kind, happy, give my last to my dearest people.) OH & yes I love Myself too!! (that’s ok)

I left school in 1977 with basic education (mainly because I wanted to live & enjoy the world not be stuck in a classroom)

Started my Apprenticeship as a Painter & Decorator the very next week. I done this job full time for nearly 25 years & I also worked part time as a Disc Jockey, in local clubs, pubs & hospital radio..

In my mid thirties I returned to school (well college actually) two nights a week for two years & attained a Higher National Certificate in Building Construction

Shortly after I gained a promotion to post of Supervisor, this lasted six years & I then accepted a job as Depot Manager at my local authority so School aint everything!!!

I love photography, music, walking, cars & the landscape in general, I am retiring in just under two years aged 55

At that time I will fulfill my life time dream (apart from wishing to be a full time radio DJ) purchasing a VW Campervan & touring Europe year on year till I see everything & take photos of so many wonderful places…..

I am single (widowed actually) with two wonderful grown up kids of 32 & 30 years of age A Boy & A Girl, a gentleman family

I believe in life, fun, smiling, being helpful, being happy & in recent years, very much so indeed I returned to my faith (Catholic) I dont preach to no one, however I know God listens & has helped me & my wishes many times!

That will do me

Good Wishes & Love & Peace to everyone

My life learned lesson is that sometimes I miss out on things, only to find later I got even better instead! patience is the Key….

Regards Francis

Enjoy Everything Regret Nothing!!!

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