2010 ARIA Award Nomination

What a massive past couple of months it’s been. Life has certainly been a roller coaster recently. To touch on a few things, my girlfriend of nearly 8 years broke up with me which sent my entire life upside down, then I find out I’ve been nominated for an ARIA Award for best cover art of 2010. Then I exhibit some work in Melbourne and New York, get to meet all the guys from Dead Letter Circus in person and hang out with them backstage (and on stage!), I then move into my own place and am slowly adjusting to living by myself, then work tells me they want me to become a manager and have put together a year long training plan for me to get there, and in between that I’m contacted by countless bands, magazines and followers of my work regarding possible collaborations and future projects.
I haven’t really had a chance to just sit and take everything in. But life keeps going on and my heart is still full of love.

Just need to jump on board I suppose.

peace and love,

- Cam


  • Juilee  Pryor
    Juilee Pryorover 4 years ago

    wow that is awesome news Cameron… looks like talent outs in the end… keep up the great work… brilliant….:)

  • scottimages
    scottimagesover 4 years ago

    I’m so sorry to hear about your relationship breakdown Cam, but can I go straight on to the good stuff? An ARIA award!!!! WOW!!! This is absolutely outstanding stuff. For those non-Australians out there, this is the “Australian Record Industry Awards” and as big as it gets in our music industry. Can we see the image?

    Exhibitions, celebrities & fabulous jobs….. I’m so pleased & proud to see it all happening for you. You deserve everything that comes your way! Enjoy the ride xx

  • scottimages
    scottimagesover 4 years ago

    I think it might actually be “Australian Recording Industry Association”, you would know the specifics ;-)

  • Shane Gallagher
    Shane Gallagherover 4 years ago

    Congratulations for the award! You deserve it!

  • Tania  Donald
    Tania Donaldover 4 years ago

    wow! well done!

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayover 4 years ago

    You have been on a rollercoaster…fantastic news about the Aria and all the positives…congratulations Cam…onward and upward;)

  • Colleen Milburn
    Colleen Milburnover 4 years ago

    Sorry about your relationship, Cameron, that’s tough :(

    But, OMG, the rest is such brilliant news!!!! Woohooooo!!!!! I’m so happy for you.

  • Rhinovangogh
    Rhinovangoghover 4 years ago

    Of course you know that change is inevitable and we cannot hold very much of what comes into our lives. Living alone is what your inner self asked the universe and so it is. You move towards the greatness you deserve. One award then more…well deserved. Get on board the train and watch the fields and cities whizz by, enjoy your fellow passengers, take liesurely stops as you will, but seek no destination other than what your soul already knows. I wish you strength love and light. Create on brother! Create onward…

  • retromancy
    retromancyover 4 years ago

    An ARIA? – that’s fantastic!

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 4 years ago

    congratulations amazing well done how cool !LIz