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Is somebody stealing your work?


  • francesm
    francesmover 5 years ago


  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 5 years ago

    Well what do you know. Someone who thinks they can take other people’s work and sell it as their own. LOL I’m going to look through his stuff right now.

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 5 years ago

    I left my comment for that person. HERE

  • roybarry
    roybarryover 5 years ago

    Here we go, again……………

  • helene ruiz
    helene ruizover 5 years ago

    Oh NO!!!!someone stole ur work judith? to me, thats like being raped…..i am getting to the point i just cant stand people…..unreal…

  • LeviMoore
    LeviMooreover 5 years ago

    So the dude steals other people’s photos, puts them in a book and then sells it? And he actually thinks this is ok? Is he really that stupid?

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardover 5 years ago

    HM… sadly he’s not going to take one bit of notice of your message after I read the whole page. He’s doing this completely knowing that he’s using other people’s work and admitting to it ever single time.
    He’s admitingly printing and exhibiting photo’s found on photobucket which is a public domain site. As well as taking photographs from personal websites used to encourage virtual sex exchanges
    In a way I believe he proves a point ?
    I’ve not seen an artist like this before. He’s in a different category to those others that just copy the image and re-sell on-line claiming it as their own.
    Reading what he wrote though definitely rubbed me up the wrong way… I didn’t at all like his quite egotistical and rude way of explaining it…basically calling all those people who put images on a public domain site stupid. This guy would rub so many people up the wrong way and unbelievably he just doesnt seem to care.
    But he may have a good point… who is to stop those people that don’t care that they’re blatantly copying & making money off other’s photographs.. he’ll exhibit photos from America in London and the chances of those Americans seeing the photographs in London is like winning the lottery.

    I’m off to delete lots of stuff from photobucket now!!

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardover 5 years ago

    the more I look at his work.. the more I see it’s definitely not as simple as he’s just copying and making profit from others work.
    His work is more a statement and reflection of today’s society. In previous exhibitions he’s used reprinted negatives from things like passport photo’s that were thrown away… screen prints of sex cam rooms and other various screen dumps from the internet.
    I must admit I’m a little intrigued by his work. Still not sure if I agree… but intrigued none the less.

  • Mary Ann Reilly
    Mary Ann Reillyover 5 years ago

    The irony is that he takes exception (and will take appropriate action) if someone takes his work and uses it for purposes he did not intend. He says the work he takes is
    “uninspiring”. That he cannot see the connection that is is all one’s POV. He establishes himself as some kind of God who knows the artistic merit of work and allows himself permission to take what is not his. We use to just call that a thief. Still do.

  • JayneLogan
    JayneLoganover 5 years ago

    He is an A R T P I M P and a THIEF. And I just finished telling him so. His work is Pure Shyte.

    He admits he rarely uses a camera. He goes on to say An example of his photographs he has taken in his series entitled Very Miscellaneous. Jeezuz is he full of crap or what? What a pompous twat.

    I looked at this alleged “miscellaneous” series on Blurb .. I told him it was a load of shyte as well.