I’m a 37 year old guy from Stockholm, Sweden.
I´ve always been interested in colours and shapes, but I´ve never seemed to been able to express it. Mainly cause I suck at drawing, so to find photography as a way of share and document the world as I see it, seems to be the perfect forum/tool for me.

I’ve been taking pictures for three years now, still learning every day. I upgraded my gear from a Canon 40D to 5D2. Hoping to develop my photography further. Photography is very much like therapy for me, being out there on my own, with my Ipod on, listening to music that I like finding new places to document, or just watching the beautiful part of the world I live in.

I never take a picture and post it unedited, I always want to get the shot the way I saw it when I was there, either get it more like how it actually were or pushing the channels to what I believe is making the scene look how I like it.

At the moment I’m mostly into landscape photography, trying to catch the beauty of mother nature and her surroundings..

If you have an account on deviantArt or/and Flickr give me a shout.

  • Age: 39
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