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Pete Paul

Pete Paul

North Attleboro, United States

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I view photography as a medium to mix reality and my personal visualization and (hopefully) create images that invoke emotion in the viewer. I went to school for advertising photography in the 80’s, but always longed to travel and make images of incredible places. In those days I shot all 4×5, and some 35mm and traveled across country visiting as many parks as I could get to. I am looking forward to future trips out west, where I can shoot digitally, and not have to worry about film holders, 50 pound packs and looking like a wacko under a dark cloth…

I hope you enjoy my work.

I also sell on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PetePaulPhotography?r...

  • Joined: May 2012


First Sale!

Today started out well as I received the email I have been waiting for – You’ve Made A Sale! It’s not that I am trying to get rich from my work (although that would be ok I suppose), it just felt good to have someone like my work enough to pay for it. I have been a photographer for many years, but had never made much effort to market myself until recently. It is not an easy thin…
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