Recycle, my arse

politicians, media whores, multi-billionaires,
oil barrons and the secret global elite
spewing chemical poison by the ton
Then blaming the man on the street

Headlines read ‘earth melting in greenhouse gasses’
By my carbon emissions the damage is done
The blame as always is on the masses
While the elite carbon footprint would blacken the sun

It’s the same as recession and credit crunch
Its all your fault for worshipping mammon
But its 25 million for a weekend lunch
For the G8 summit to ponder famine

Where theres muck there’s brass there is no doubt
Engineered Wars, famines and all
But it’s up to us to save the planet
The big man always blames the small

Chemical consumables cased in plastic
Billions are sold for profit this day
Now were ordered to be gymnastic
In consumer duty to put them away

This is not democracy
When were working for the state
It’s a state of fear we’re living in
Clearing all the mess they create

Now neighbour is watching neighbour
To make sure their recycling well
Coz if you don’t separate your junk
You’re neighbour is going to tell

But this planet is on a collision course
With the spirit approaching fast
The prophet told us watch the sky
were staring into bins full of glass

man looks to man for solutions
so that Satan has won the day
and when the judgment hits the earth
it’ll all be swept away

so carry on flying atween colour coded bins
as four horsemen ready in cosmic stable
carry on mocking the enormity of sin
as Adam did in what we call fable

carry on recycling like a government drone
make sure to turn off all appliances tonight
But remember God will care nought for this.
When He turns on the light.

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the earths in a mess and its all our fault, bob geldoff and sting and elton john have tried to sing it away, now big brothers microchipping bins to make sure were working efficiently in our planet-saving duties. the green issue like terrorism, recession and all the rest is presented here as another fear inducing, money making scheme by the real polluters of the planet


  • salsbells69
    salsbells69over 6 years ago

    Well written..i feel your pain.

  • thankyou much, i’m fed up with guilt trips for misplacing a poly-bag

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Suzanne German
    Suzanne Germanover 6 years ago

    impactful and poignant!

  • Max Gatrell
    Max Gatrellover 6 years ago

    Outstanding Writing Matt,
    Mammon is an attractive one
    to follow, but as the Poet said,
    “all that glistens is not Gold”
    well done my friend, and down
    with the G8/NWO whatever
    they’re currently callling themselves ;)-


  • cheers Max, that means a lot to me, down with them indeed, i think they call themselves nigel or george now or something less ominous

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Mylojs
    Mylojsover 6 years ago

    Matthew TRE JEALOUS.. You have an awesome mind my friend an awesome mind.. You can write, and create those awe inspiring works of art… You never cease to amaze me..

  • George Yesthal
    George Yesthalover 6 years ago

    Fuckin’ aye, Mathew. How arrogant are we to think we can save the planet? The planet calls the shots. When it’s had enough it will simply exterminate US. Yeah, I know the arguments about leaving a safe haven for our children and the human side of me says all that’s right and I sort of agree. But in the grand scheme we truly are the insignificant minutia that the planet will eventually deal with, so why not revel in just a bit of well deserved hedonism? Oh hell, I don’t know.

  • too right George, and lol with your planet destruction and change of heart at the end, i say sink some beers and get oot there and spray some cfc’s onto the air while throwing poly-bags with gay abandon. To my east is a massive power-plant churning tons of god-knows what into the ecosystem, to my west is rolling countryside where farmers saturate the fields and rivers in pestisides and deid sheep, but if i go outside and drop a cigarette-butt i will be fined more than a days wages on the spot, and be preached at by tree-hugging carbon-footprint zombies until i admit its my fault mother nature’s having a hot flush.

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Amanda Gazidis
    Amanda Gazidisabout 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for expressing your deep feelings, they reflect mine.I moved to an Eco community last year to escape the madness, where we produced much self sufficiently and that was so empowering, (including our energy). sometimes I wonder why I ve returned to this so-called civilisation, when Ive walked with the Bushmen in harmony in the Kalahari desert and lived with the land and cycles of nature..But I tell myself we must not go on the downward spiral,out thoughts may be polluted by the politicians and bullshit, but nature needs spokespeople and there can never be enough to defend her and believe in her unceasing giving….Cleanse in the magic!
    Thanks for this brother, we have much in common , Amanda

  • Matthew Scotland
    Matthew Scotlandabout 6 years ago

    thankyou amanda, the kalahari wow, that must have been something to experience, thanks for your further enlightenment on this subject

  • kamel
    kamelabout 6 years ago

    real good well said and thrue

  • Catherine  Howell
    Catherine Howellalmost 6 years ago


  • aaeiinnn
    aaeiinnnalmost 5 years ago

    and Amen indeed
    you tell it as it is
    great piece

  • thanks aa, governmental hypocricy gets right on my goat

    – Matthew Scotland

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